Mini Meals for Weight-Loss Surgery

Steph Wagner

August 26, 2014

Pictured above: Spinach Artichoke Mini Souffles 

Ahhhhh the muffin pan. AND the mini muffin pan! Could there be a better pan for a postop gastric sleeve, bypass or banding patient?

Well, actually, I think there are tons of great kitchen tools for postop patients…but let’s stick to the point.

There are so many wonderful benefits of the muffin/mini-muffin pans:

1. Cook faster

2. Freeze well

3. Reheat faster

4. Bariatric friendly!!!!!! 

There are so many possibilities of meals to create in the muffin pan. Off the top of my head I can think of:

– Mini Meatloaf (of course this one is listed first…it’s my favorite. To date, I have TEN meatloaf recipes on this website)

Mini Meatballs (similar idea only use the mini muffin pan!)

– Varieties of “Egg Cups” like these Turkey Sausage and Bell Pepper Egg Cups

– Mini Crustless Quiche (same idea, in a mini muffin pan)


Make your life very easy and make two different recipes for one muffin pan and bake varieties to not get food fatigued. Barbecue Mini Meatloaf on one side and a Italian Mini Meatloaf on the other. Mushroom and Swiss Egg Cups on one side and Laughing Cow® Cheese Egg Cups on the other!

**Freeze them for later**

When you remove the pan from the oven, let them cool for 20 minutes and put them in the freezer for about 5 or 10 minutes. Remove them from the freezer and they should be easier to get out but not frozen in yet. Move them to a plastic freezer bag and stock up the freezer! Reheat them in the oven or microwave for a fast meal.

**Bonus Muffin Pan Trick***

As the Fall comes around and chili is on your mind, make a big batch of thick and hearty chili. You don’t want your chili thin and liquify like a soup or it will leave you hungry quickly! THEN scoop the chili into the muffin pans and do this same freezer trick. Freeze smaller chunks of chili that you can reheat whenever you’d like! Perfect for bariatric patients!

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