Why I’m Glad I’ve Struggled with my Weight

Steph Wagner

October 6, 2015

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Can Weight Struggles Be GOOD For You??

Some of you may think I’m crazy for this….but I’m thankful I’ve struggled with my weight.

I know it’s tempting to think of friends or family members that can eat what they want and not gain weight and wish you could for one day have it not matter. And I get that.

I also know that everyone’s story is different. My story of weight struggles is completely unique. But it’s helped me to be a better person. I’m not saying that thin people aren’t good people…I’m saying that I’M a better person compared to the same me if I hadn’t struggled with weight. 

Struggling with my weight has taught me so many things! Would I have learned these lessons in another way? Maybe. But I certainly did learn them!

For example:

I’ve learned how to set a goal and not allow brief moments of temptation get in my way – which has allowed me to get my education and start a business. 

I’ve learned how to ask myself “is it worth it” – which has allowed me to also stick to a budget and make smarter decisions as a whole.

I’ve learned how to push through my moment of not wanting to work out – and getting out there anyway. Which later helped me in my healing journey after our car accident. 

I’ve learned how to give myself grace when I mess up. How to forgive myself, make a new plan, and get started again. Which has helped me in other areas of life to not focus on my shortcomings but ask myself how I can improve instead. 


These are just a few of the things struggling with my weight has done for me. Now that I’m in a season of pregnancy and so many things about food, nutirtion and my body are different…I’m even MORE thankful than ever that I’ve learned how to focus on my health and nutrition before pregnancy.

I don’t eat ice cream as much as I’d like because I already know how to say no to temptations I don’t ned.

I workout despite how tired I’m feeling because I’ve been in an exercise routine for years.

I don’t obsess over the scale or even check it very often because I’ve already tackled the mental battle of not letting numbers define my success.

Oh yeah and I’ve always been drinking water like crazy and taking vitamins :)

By no means is pregnancy easy. And by no means is losing weight and finding a healthy relationship with food easy.

I’m just thankful I found my way in my journey to health which has strengthened me in the ways I need to have a healthy pregnancy.

What about you??

Have you ever thought about how your weight struggles have been a GOOD thing for you?? 

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