4 thoughts on “Zucchini Lasagna – Bariatric Recipes”

  1. I just got my Sleeve surgery 6 weeks ago. My step dad just picked zucchini from the garden not even 10 minutes ago. I have been craving lasagna and came across this when looking for zucchini recipes. I already have one of those slicers so this makes it easier :) Thanks for sharing I will be leaving here shortly to go to the store to get some of the stuff we need to make this for dinner tonight :) Thanks very much!!!!! I will also be putting your page on my blog roll this evening so I can come back at a later time and look at all your recipes :)

  2. Yummy good! Hubby made this a few nights ago and other than draining the zucchini down a little bit, it was very delicious!!

  3. Hi Crystal! The serving size is in the upper right hand corner next to the cooking time. Because there is so much variation on how you can make the recipes, I don’t provide the nutrition breakdown but instead recommend using the MyFitnessPal App where you can input a recipe very easily. This provides much more accuracy for you. All the recipes will be protein focused and low in carbohydrates. Thanks for coming by! :)

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