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Steph Wagner

August 30, 2022

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Ticket Sales are Live! Bariatric Symposium 2022

15 speakers, 3 days, online and replay available


save the date 2022 bariatric symposium


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The doors for the 3rd Annual Online Bariatric Symposium are officially open!

The 2022 Bariatric Symposium is the place to be if…

🍓 You want to connect with other inspired bariatric post-ops from all over

🍓 You want guidance from health professionals in the bariatric field

🍓 You want specific advice on navigating the journey ahead of you

🍓 You want as many resources as possible to fuel your success after weight loss surgery

And guess what? I’ll be there!

I will be the first speaker of the Symposium this year! My topic is about Emotional Eating and the two systems that influence our food life.

In my session I want to encourage patients that eating after dinner because you are bored is not because you have a character flaw, or because you are weak to food.

There is more biology than meets the eye! Knowledge is power and I’m going to give you some :)

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BUT! If you’re a member with me and have taken my Emotional Eating video course, not to worry! There are 14 other amazing presenters ready to share their knowledge too! (Full schedule below!)

The details

When? September 9-11th between 12-5 pm Eastern/9-2 pm Pacific

Location? Any place with a decent internet connection!

Speakers? There will be 15 speakers that you can ask questions to live (such an amazing opportunity to ask questions in real time to the professionals!)

If you cannot attend live, don’t worry because you’ll have access to all the recordings for an entire year to watch over and over again.

To celebrate those who register early, there is an early bird bonus of $50 off until September 6th @ 11:59 pm, so I hope you take advantage of it!

PLUS for those who purchase their ticket through Bariatric Food Coach, we will have a Zoom Meet Up the Thursday after the event (September 15th at 7:30pm Central). We will talk about what we learned and I will answer any other questions that come up after the event!

Join us and be inspired!

Get Your Ticket!

One more thing…

Sometimes experts have differing opinions or practices. That’s okay!!

It’s worth noting that sometimes speakers in the world of bariatrics will have differing opinions, suggestions or ideas. In the past that would intimidate me, to think other professionals might suggest something different from myself.

Over the years my tune has changed. It is so important to ‘go there’ and talk through the why or the what. It allows us to dig deeper to find solutions that fit each person. I think it is AWESOME to have a line up of speakers so dynamic. If you hear something that doesn’t fit the same as someone else (including myself) consider it a gift to hear different takes!


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