After the Honeymoon…

after the honeymoon losing regain after bariatric surgery video course on Bariatric Food Coach by dietitian Steph Wagner

Imagine feeling back in control of your hunger and your habits without starting a new diet that takes over your life and bank account.

“Everything after surgery is simple. The honeymoon was a breeze and weight control isn’t a problem anymore.”

^^Yeah—no. That’s not exactly what comes to mind in the later years after surgery, is it?

Hear me loud and clear: no amount of perfectly crafted meal planning is going to soften the sting of feeling like managing weight is still flipping hard <– plus perfectly crafted meal plans are hard to stick with anyway.

But what’s worse?

Wondering if the surgery still works and if your portions are all wrong …

Watching other patients post about never feeling hungry …

And wanting SO badly to feel back in the driver’s seat of your health, your habits, and your hunger.

BUT, you can’t seem to get your hands on any steering wheel of the sort.

Have you ever wondered if it could be easier? If it is possible to not snack at night, or at least not feel so badly about it?

You’d be able to wake up feeling confident because you’re finally more clear on bariatric eating… and stick with it. Instead of waking up, grabbing a protein shake on your way out the door, and wondering if you’ll ever see real results again.

‘Cause, you don’t have time for counting every bite, lick, and taste. It’s not like you have nothing else to do. You KNOW your surgery can somehow help again, right?

You never signed up for surgery to feel back at square one.


to enjoy life…

to improve your health…

and not be held back by your body…

Cindy was tired of hearing people tell her stories of people gaining weight back.

She decided to make a new story and wants you to hear it.


More importantly, I am eating the right foods and not craving the sweets I was eating before I started this.

I’m a big fan of Steph’s resources, and I encourage you to participate in her activities. They are fun and engaging, and get you to focus on healthy habits at the same time!”



After the Honeymoon is made up of 10 modules of video training, interviews, workbooks, and a private positive-centric community of post-op patients JUST like you looking to get in the groove with the later years of bariatric living.

No, this is not another nutrition class like you had before surgery. This is about more than eating protein first. I will be peeling back the layers of WHY certain habits make a big-time impact in long-term weight management.

This course is unlocked for my Premier Access Members, here’s an overview of the benefits you’ll get …

After the Honeymoon is my newest course in the BFC Library! It joins 11 other courses including popular courses on hunger after surgery and emotional eating.

Here at Bariatric Food Coach, I do things a little differently.




Okay, ACTUALLY. It’s not just the courses. 


Arguably the most creme de la creme part of this offer is the community.

Watch those videos, grab the guides, plan the recipes, and connect with encouraging real-life online friends doing the same dang thing.

We cheer hard for each other and keep it fun with monthly games and prizes (think Bingo and scavenger hunts).

No, it’s not on Facebook. This is our private online community monitored by our community coordinator/cheerleader (who happens to have a nursing and public health background).

Everything has been crafted and created by myself, a dietitian specializing in bariatric surgery since 2009. Members gain email access to me so you can find your next steps (without Google).

I told you we do things differently around here. No $$$$ private coaching groups. All the resources, education, AND community with 1️⃣ affordable monthly member price.

And did I mention it’s HSA/FSA eligible??





Sure, you could… try a new diet plan again.

…but you’ve already tried some version of all the diets out there. And not feeling up to the time, the money, and learning another new plan.

Or you could… go back to shakes again. Resetting or something?

But here’s the reason that won’t REALLY get what you want …it won’t manage hunger and will probably make nighttime snacking harder.

Or you could also keep watching social media posts about new weight loss medications and wonder.

…Which one to take? An injectable forever? What about the supply, the MONEY and will the doctor even prescribe it?

Sure … you COULD …

OR you could take a deep breath and watch short, digestible video lessons from me that apply to your here and now.

(BTW we’ll cover medications too. Which ones to ask about and when to ask about so you feel informed during your doctor visits.)

You could connect online in a safe and private environment with others who understand the challenges and emotions of managing weight in the later years after surgery.

You could…come join us and find answers and fast friends.

Your investment for Premier Access Membership?

Everyone thinks I am crazy for pricing all my resources, education, and community so low.

Private coaching groups with bariatric dietitians go for thousands of dollars.

Bariatric memberships sites range from $40-100 per month.

Courses from dietitians or therapists go for over $500. (Btw, this course includes a dietitian, therapist and physicians assistant.)

I’m passionate about affordable bariatric education, support and community in between your clinic visits.


I believe strongly in access to great resources for your daily post-op life (without a bazillion ads to find one recipe).

So much so I found a way to become HSA/FSA eligible. If you have one of those tax savings accounts, you can use it here. (Benefits vary but we’ve not heard of denials either).

You can get started for just $29


bariatric food coach premier access pricing plans


Become a Member 


Here are the steps to get started:

>>>Join Premier Access Membership 

>>>Start the After the Honeymoon Course lessons

>>>Head to the community to connect with others


If anything fails or breaks or you aren’t happy…

We are here to help. My team is all about providing an encouraging and positive experience.

If you aren’t happy, let us know within 24 hours of your membership purchase and we’ll close it all and refund your money as if it never happened.

Our support email is reviewed every 24 hours, Monday-Friday. Tech issues happen but great news!!! I’m married to a web developer who is the co-founder of this whole thing. And when he’s tied up with our two children or his day job, we have other developers on standby.

We’ll get to the bottom of it!

Here is a note from someone who can vogue for me:

“I really appreciate the prompt communication (and everything I have found on your site so far)!”

And just who I am?

I’m Steph, a Registered Dietitian with 14 years of experience specializing in bariatric surgery eating, and coaching.

I hold a Bachelor’s and Masters’s Degree in Food and Nutrition and author of “Best Fork Forward: Everyday Dinners after Bariatric Surgery.”


And now, I’m pulling back the curtain on all my best bariatric eating knowledge and tools. Are you ready?

But hold on…here’s what it’s not…

This is not personalized medical information. You need to work with a dietitian licensed in your state and in your medical record for that.

Premier Access supports you in the every day but does not replace your bariatric team.

It’s in the in-between appointment help when you can’t bring your dietitian home.

If you need help finding bariatric providers in your area, we can help connect you.


You’re a fit for Premier Access Membership if…

You are ready to look under the hood and understand more about metabolism, hunger, and weight fluctuations (beyond what diet culture says).

You want to establish new rhythms that support your overall health that are sustainable and realistic.

You enjoy connecting with others and encouraging them on their journey and feel supported in return.

We may not be a fit if instead…

You are looking for a certain number of calories, grams, and exercise plans to lose a certain amount of weight by a certain date.

You are not interested in investing any more money into your bariatric lifestyle. You’ve spent enough as it is!


Here’s what others have asked before joining us!

Can I sign up anytime?

Yes! Membership is always open and the After the Honeymoon Course will not leave the course library. We have members finishing the course nearly every day and saying things like Beth “After the Honeymoon series helped me more than you could ever know. Especially the part about set points and it being normal to regain some weight. Took away the shame. Thank you.”

I don’t think I have time for this??

I get it! That’s why the video lessons are bite-sized, ranging from 4-8 minutes each (except for the interview lessons which are 20-30 minutes). Everything is self-paced, watch on your own time. You can hop into the community and catch up as you have the time for it.

How long do I get access?

Members have full access to everything in the Bariatric Food Coach library for as long as they remain a member. (Think Disney Plus, etc.)

What topics do you cover?

The After the Honeymoon Course includes 10 lessons:

We will talk about expectations, motivation, mainstream diets, sabotage and more!

What kind of support is offered?

Our team is small but mighty! We have a support email monitored every weekday + email access to Steph for nutrition questions. A community coordinator to keep our space encouraging and fun. Plus bonus points for our web developer to help us through the hairy moments of tech.

Losing weight and keeping it off for years beyond bariatric surgery is within reach.

And yup, you COULD get there another way (maybe), but it’d mean more protein shakes or high-dollar coaching groups.

So really, diving headfirst into Premier Access Membership will allow you to gain more bariatric eating knowledge than ever, with the tools to do it, and the cheerleaders to keep you going. Plus we keep it super fun.

What are you waiting for?

Become a Member