An update: I STILL get to marry my best friend.

Steph Wagner

January 31, 2013

There is much to celebrate in my life right now. So much I need to be sure to share it with all those who have been around me and have been following my story.

1. I am alive.

2. So is my love.

3. We get to get married.

As most of you know, these three simple things have not always been so certain for me.

So, so, so, so, sooooooo many of you have prayed and asked the Lord for favor on my behalf and it is with JOY that I get to share that these 3 truths remain. I wanted to share with everyone a beautiful blog post with our engagement pictures. Our photographer, Charlie, did such a sweet job of encapsulating our story in pictures and in words! Click here to see her blog post.

Thank you for “rejoicing with those who rejoice!” (Romans 12:15)

5 thoughts on “An update: I STILL get to marry my best friend.”

  1. Steph,
    Great pics, great story and very blessed couple! May God bless each moment of your lives together.

  2. Love your engagement Picts! Steph, you are just a beautiful as ever! So happy for you both and your bright future! :)

  3. Beautiful pictures of a very special loving couple. I am sending you my best wishes for many happy years together. So glad to hear and SEE that you are doing well. You have come a long way!

  4. Your engagement pictures are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! and so unique… I love the one where ya’ll are holding hands over the bible!!! You will need to remeber that one during the rough times in your marriage! Again BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!!!

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