August Live Chat – Replay

Steph Wagner

August 31, 2020

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Planning Ahead for Healthy Holidays

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August Live Chat – Replay

Once a month bariatric chat for members of bariatric food coach with dietitian steph wagner

Monthly Live Call with Steph answering member submitted questions

These calls happen once a month, members can watch live and submit questions in advance.

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Replay here, Resources below




Resources mentioned:


“Eating Healthy in 2020…is that a Thing?” Full recording of my session, 36 minutes for calculating recipes on desktop (can do this on Bariastic app as well)

Popular Diets and WLS: The Ketogenic Diet (blog)

Help I Need to do a Reset! (blog)

Article on “Weight Loss Surgery Changes Body Weight Set Point” 

Most Asked WLS Questions (Blog) answers macro goals and what to look for in a protein bar

Exercise and the Bariatric Diet (member course)

Stalls after Weight Loss Surgery (3.5 minute video)

Bariatric Food List

Getting Back on Track Course (member course)

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