Most Asked Weight Loss Surgery Questions

Steph Wagner MS, RDN

April 20, 2018

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My Most Asked Weight Loss Surgery Questions (and Answers)

as a bariatric dietitian for more than a decade

Popular questions after weight loss surgery on Bariatric Food Coach blog with Steph Wagner bariatric dietitian


These are the most asked questions via email, Facebook messages and Instagram DMs. Which means, these are the overarching questions patients want to know!

A few of them are the pre-op wonders or the early post-op concerns, but for the most part these questions are the big ones AFTER the dust has settled from having a Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass or Duodenal Switch Surgery.

Many of these questions I’ve answered in older blogs or even video courses for my members. In those cases, I will link to the post that provides even more detail.

I hope these questions help you as you find your way after surgery. Always remember to take online answers with a grain of salt and not as medical advice. I don’t know you or your personal situation, these are meant to be discussion towards healthy living and encouragement that it’s never too late to focus on your best version of yourself!

Did I stretch my pouch? (Am I eating too much?)

Absolutely the most asked question. Patients worry they’ve done something wrong and this is the ultimate end-all of their hope in losing weight for good.

I LOVE busting this myth and encouraging patients that hope is not only there, it’s strong. Be filled with hope that you can tap into your surgery once again! Here is the full post on the topic. 

Is it too late for me?

This is really the same question as the first, in my opinion. Patients do worry if they have stretched their stomach out. They also worry if they’ve put weight back on, fallen way off track, haven’t followed up with anyone and just fell into life as it was before…is it as if you didn’t have surgery in the first place?

I’ve met patients and didn’t realize they were patients until they asked what I did for a living. When I tell them I have the privilege of walking patients through the journey after weight loss surgery, on more than one occasion I’ve been responded to with “Oh I had that surgery a long time ago but I don’t use it so it’s like I never had it.”

My thought here is two fold.

1) It’s not wise to ignore a major change in your body that is always changed. If your GI track was altered, it didn’t go back to what it was before. Stay connect with your medical team or find a new one if you’ve moved.

2) If you are ready to tap into your surgical tool once again, you can!

The number one reason why patients join the Bariatric Food Coach Membership is to get back on track! My video courses on Hunger Control and Emotional Eating are super helpful for getting re-focused.

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And if you’ve wondered about weight loss pills after Gastric Bypass or Sleeve, they sometimes have their place. Work on getting back to bariatric basics and talk to your doctor. This blog talks more about weight loss medication. 

Can I do keto, intermittent fasting, weight watchers, optavia (medifast) or another popular diet after weight loss surgery?

I have a great blog series on this topic that covers each diet in depth.

This blog shares a comparison between the diets (and links to a post on each diet with more detail) plus what successful patients report sticking with to maintain weight loss after surgery.


How much protein should I be eating by now? (What should my macros be? Do I still need shakes?)

Every bariatric program is different and every bariatric dietitian will differ, even if just slightly, in how they answer this question.

My first response is that your weight loss is not a direct correlation with the exact number of grams of protein you have in a day. If I tell you to eat 60 grams of protein a day, you might lose weight. You might not. It’s not enough information.

The ASMBS (American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery) recommends patients aim for 60 grams of protein a day. That part is true.

In my opinion, it’s more beneficial to look at the RATIO of protein, carbohydrates and fat you are eating in a day. I recommend utilizing the Baritastic App to track your food intake and keep watch on your pie chart. Below is an example of an ideal pie chart after weight loss surgery (for most, again, this is not individualized!)

I really like this “poster” from an ASMBS annual conference that shows research on the macro percentages for patients who felt they had the best success.



Why has my weight stalled?

So many ways to answer this question but I’m going to link a video for the answer!

Weight Stalls After Bariatric Surgery | FoodCoach.Me

What protein bars and shakes are okay?

So many brands! Here is a blog I wrote on Best Selling Bariatric Snacks. Below is a quick reference to keeping an eye on protein and carbs in shakes and bars. Again, every program will tell you differently! These are the guidelines I’ve always utilized for myself and my patients.

what protein bars and shakes after weight loss surgery


How to combat stress eating? (Also late night eating, emotional eating)

Such a huge topic. This is why membership to even began! Having a tribe makes all the difference when it comes to emotional, stress and clock eating. Our members engage on our online community with live calls, monthly activities and challenges.

Here is a blog on stress eating. 

Check out my video course on Emotional Eating here!

Can I do Weight Watchers, Whole 30, Paleo or any other diet plans with my weight loss surgery?

I wrote a blog series on the most popular diets and weight loss surgery. I will link each below:

Ketogenic Diet

Weight Watchers


Whole 30


Atkins – this one is a members video

Why am I still hungry all the time?

Here is a recent blog answering a members question “Why Can I Eat an Elephant One day and Not Even a Snail the Next??” 

Check out my course on Hunger after Bariatric Surgery here! 

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Why do I still throw up? I can’t eat meats and need to get in protein.


Read this blog – I keep throwing up, even soft foods.

What about alcohol after weight loss surgery?


I take this topic super seriously after I connected with the Facebook Group “Transfer Addictions After WLS.” Three women allowed me to feature their stories on the blog and ever since reading them, I’ve taken this topic far more seriously.

Sure, not everyone will fall down the slippery slope and a little wine on occasion would be okay. The surgeons I worked with most closely and respected their opinions most recommended no alcohol for at least 6 months after surgery. My thought is to follow the 6 month guideline and read these stories. Then inform those you love about the risks of alcohol after WLS and make a plan along with them for any plans that may come up that would include you having a drink.

What vitamins do I really need to have? Do I still need them?


Here is a full blog and video on vitamins after weight-loss surgery and the questions most patients ask.

Pregnancy after weight loss surgery?


I have a blog series on the topic and a few other stories highlighting patients who have had babies after surgery! It’s incredibly possible to have a healthy pregnancy and then lose your baby weight after surgery. Such an exciting topic!

What is the honeymoon period after surgery? Can it ever come back?


If you haven’t heard about the honeymoon period, you need to watch this video. If you’ve heard about it but wondering what happens if/when it’s over? You should watch it too ;)



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  1. I’m 14 months out from surgery and wasn’t given any real guidance. I was just told, “Eat normally now but watch your portions, chew for 30 seconds, take 30 minutes to eat a meal, and keep calories under 1200.” In reference to the 10-day Habit Refresh, what do you mean by; Meal structure, Protein textures, and Starches and Sweets? Thanks. My email without spaces: artistmom @ gmail

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