Back to School Meal Planning

Steph Wagner

August 12, 2013


“Is it that time already?!”

I wonder how many times we use that phrase. In August it’s about school. In October it’s for Halloween. November and December it’s a daily comment…to myself.

I don’t have children and haven’t been in school since I graduated with my Masters…and yet I still think in terms of “Back to School!” or in “Semesters.” Just a few days ago I told Mr W we should look at visiting some family at the end of this semester. He made fun of me, naturally, and I pulled out my planner, naturally.

For many of you Back to School time is a more real thing than it is in my house. Not just a state of mind, but a complete change of order and mostly chaos. From what my mom friend’s tell me…they look forward to it. Structure is coming back. Order is slightly recognizable and as wonderful as the summer has been, all good things needs to come to an end. Less travel and more structure is good for any amount of healthy eating.

So this week I want to focus on Back to School Meals. I made a Six Freezer Chicken Meals plan I will post this week in honor of BTS (back to school) season. Six meals you can make in one day to fill the freezer as the school year gets underway. I will also post a few easy meals that utilize your crockpots and tips for easy low carb lunches to help you get back into the swing of routine. That kind of rhymes.

And hey! What do you have planned for dinner tonight? Here is one of my favorite go-to’s pictured above: chicken sausage with bell peppers and onions. It truly needs very little work. Spray a skillet with cooking spray and add slices of bell pepper and onions until soft. Remove from pan (keep warm) and add chicken sausageMost places have them- precooked or not, in many flavors. Cut the links in quarters. Cook until no pink, or until heated through and add bell peppers and onions back in.

Serve dinner with your family all at the table and smile as you enjoy your BTS season. Here’s to another great year!

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