Bariatric “Don’t Jump to Conclusions” Place Mat

Steph Wagner

October 17, 2022

Bariatric “Don’t Jump to Conclusions” Place Mat


Eat more mindfully and build a better understanding of what foods work best for your pouch!


Buy the large, laminated Bariatric Don’t Jump to Conclusions Mat for $15

The Bariatric Place Mat is a wonderful resource for bariatric surgery patients trying to eat more mindfully!

This is especially helpful for early post-op patients introducing new foods or for patients that are struggling with how to tolerate foods and what they can eat that will support their goals and settle well in their pouch.

I have been a bariatric surgery dietitian for over 13 years (no idea where the time went) and though the years I can say, eating mindfully can unlock so many amazing insights to build a better understanding of food and how they impact us.

There are a few KEY important habits for post-op patients that are also some of the hardest habits to keep in our busy lives.

Eating slowly, taking small bites and stopping at fullness.

While I was writing a blog post about picky eating after bariatric surgery, I though of this place mat as a tool to determine WHAT you aren’t liking about a particular food.

Just the act of writing down what time you started your meal can make a big impact on how slowly you consume the food.

The “Don’t Jump to Conclusions Mat” is a placemat to tuck under part of your plate and guide you through several questions:


product image physical place mat for bariatric don't jump to conclusions place mat

Members can access this PDF for free under Member Resources > eBooks and Handouts.

However, anyone can purchase a large laminated version of the mat which works great with a Visa-Vis Expo® marker for making notes and easily washing off the mat.

Below is a short video of myself using the mat for lunch:



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