2 thoughts on “Action Steps for Cravings (Replay and Notes)”

  1. Totally having issues with this due to sleepiness. The sun going down earlier makes me just want to hibernate. I don’t want to go to bed earlier because I want to stay up till at least 10:30 to get stuff done. I am not a sweet eater but the saltier the better…

  2. I am with you! This change of Season is the hardest on many of us. That and February when it feels like it won’t end!! You’re already capturing what’s going on at that time. I would dig even deeper and notice your food and water intake throughout the day, what time the craving for salty food comes on, if there are activities that bring it on more vs activities that you don’t think of food. Then see if you can make some associations and take action on that. It’s a constant process to notice what’s going on around the craving and then test the theory to see if it helps!

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