Carb Rehab – Day #3 Recap

Steph Wagner

April 10, 2014

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If you didn’t catch Day #1 or Day #2 of Carb Rehab, check them out so you can get caught up :)

Day #3 is traditionally a doozy for me. And this time was no exception. I typically advise planning your carb rehab so Days 2-4 fall on the “easier” days for you. Meaning, perhaps starting on a Friday when you are going out of town for the weekend may not be a recipe for success. Don’t put off your rehab if you need it, but it’s helpful to think ahead.

One thing I didn’t think ahead about is the fact that I make dinner for our LifeGroup every Wednesday.

I could have made breakfast for dinner and had egg casserole. I could have had chicken taco night and made a chicken taco salad. I could have had pulled pork sandwiches and had the pork. But what did I do?

Instead I made spaghetti, meatballs, garlic bread and a cheesecake. (Okay, I didn’t make the cheesecake.) Typically this type of meal is no big deal for me, it’s not too tempting. However, on day #3 of carb rehab…slicing garlic bread fresh from the oven is just idiotic.



I’m not the “just one bite” kind of girl either. If I start, I won’t stop. Avoidance is more successful for me than moderation. So, the questions is…did I eat it? Well here is my (very honest) daily recap so you can find out for yourself :)

7A Atkins Chocolate Shake

8:45A already starving – cottage cheese and berries

11:00A yep…sometimes you just HAVE to eat lunch at 11am. Leftover chicken with turkey bacon and ranch packet. Larger portion than normal to control my hunger.

1:00P Took a work break and walked with the dog we have with us for a friend this week. 20 minute walk on a beautiful day! It wasn’t intense exercise, but once again on Day #3 a lighter workout is better for my success. Higher intesity workouts make me hungry so adding high intesity to carb rehab is likely not the best concoction. I’ll keep it active but lighter this week and change it up next week.

4:00P Went too long without eating and now feeling ravenous. Cheese stick. Cottage cheese. Why do I have nothing else in this house…?! Cleaning the house and preparing for group. Drinking Crystal Light like it’s my day job.

5:00P Can’t make it to dinner, especially knowning I’m about to put 2 loaves of garlic bread in the oven. I heat up some leftover ground turkey with black beans and eat it with salsa. Early lunch = early dinner!

6:30P Sliced the bread, set up the dinner spread and put out the cheesecake. I did not…yep DID NOT eat anything from the carb/sweet family.

7:15P Feeling satisfied from my early dinner. Had a small salad with light dressing and 4 meatballs.

9:00P Hunger monster is back. 5 carrots with hummus. 1-2 oz of cheddar cheese. I regret to say it was not reduced-fat cheddar cheese. All my fault for not planning for more snacks!

Once again I feel thankful for making the decision to share my carb rehab truths online. Yesterday could have been a set back BUT between knowing how much better I will feel and knowing I’m going to type it all up the next morning, I felt good about the day once again. Even better news? I already feel so, so, so much better today. Energy is up, hunger is down, and feeling trimmer than this time last week!

I’ve heard from several of you it’s time for a carb rehab of your own. Comment below if you are ready to join in!

2 thoughts on “Carb Rehab – Day #3 Recap”

  1. Hay Steph,
    I am having such a hard time getting the weight off I am doing GREAT not eating carbs, but am not seeing the weight loss, you can tell by my hA1c dropping from almost 10 to 7.7 in 2 months. I am still using adkins shakes and meal bars and snack bars but they are just not taking the hunger away. My bloodsugar has been dangerously low I am constantly adjusting my insulin to compinsate the lack of carbs. I just wish that I could just get the weight off and get my surgery so I can get on with my life. I know that I am strong enough to have the procedure but am afraid that its going to take me forever, I gained 8 lbs in the beginning and to date have lost those and only 4 since day one. I still have 33 lbs to lose before surgery. Can you give me any help? Is it safe for me to just do a liquid diet? I am desperate. Debbi

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