Hunger and Bariatric Surgery: New Video Course

Steph Wagner

June 16, 2020

Hunger and Bariatric Surgery


New video course posted on Bariatric Food Coach

What is the course? What does it include?

Video courses are one of my favorite ways to encourage and educate bariatric surgery patients. The videos for this course are split into 9 ‘episodes’ ranging from three to seven minutes in length

The Hunger and Bariatric Surgery Video course includes these nine lessons:

Lessons in the course hunger after bariatric surgery

(Episode 2) Hungry, Hungry Hormones – Grehlin and Leptin are very powerful hormones in the body when it comes to your appetite. Learn more about what they do and why it matters! I also cover Dopamine, a powerful neurotransmitter that helps us feel pleasure (and therefore makes some foods more addictive to our brains)

(Episode 3 &4) How Surgery Changes Things One episode focused on Gastric Sleeve and one focused on Gastric Bypass. After we talk about those powerful hormones, we talk about why surgery is considered a metabolic surgery and why/how it changes the equation.

(Episode 4) Genetics at Play What your parents passed on to you can have a role in the mix. Certain genetic variants may cause one person to more hungry and another person to be more prone to becoming addicted to things that make them feel good. It’s complicated but fascinating. Good news too, genetics is not destiny.

(Episode 5) Water Time, Meal Time Water is the most POWERFUL tool we have for appetite suppression but when you drink matters too. This episode covers the importance of drinking all day but when to hold off so your meal doesn’t leave you too soon and make you feel hungry.

(Episode 6) Protein…but Texture Matters You’ve heard protein preached, not doubt. Protein is awesome at controlling appetite after surgery, but, the texture of your protein makes ALL the difference in how long it keeps you full.

(Episode 7) Full Fast, Hungry Fast Do you ever eat a meal and quickly feel full after a few bites? Then you feel hungry an hour or two later? This episode covers what I call the ‘premature fullness’ phenomenon.

(Episode 8) Why Some Foods Make You Hungrier This course is all about hunger control. Drinking water, having the right texture of protein, not getting full too fast and knowing WHICH foods will drive up hunger (and which control your hunger) will equip you to getting back in control.

(Bonus Episode) Why do Stomachs Growl? A just for fun episode on why tummies make noises and if that has anything to do with being hungry.

Who is it for?

This video course is for post-op weight loss surgery patients who have not had the experience of having no hunger or previously did not have hunger and now are hungry again.

Are you hungry all the time?

Are you hungry in between meals?

Do you feel like you can eat more than you are supposed to or feel hunger when you don’t feel like you should be??

This course covers the biology of hunger and what you can do for better hunger control after surgery.

How to access the course

The introduction of the video is free for anyone to view on the course page.

All the episodes of the course are available to current members to Bariatric Food Coach. If you are a current member and logged into your account you will see all the lessons listed on the course page.

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