Dehydration after Weight Loss Surgery

Steph Wagner

May 13, 2015

Dehydration after weight loss surgery

Getting behind on water after weight loss surgery, Video blog on dehydration and Gastric Sleeve or Bypass from Steph Wagner Bariatric Dietitian on FoodCoachMe

Will getting behind on water slow down your weight loss results?

Everyone knows to lose weight…you have to drink water. Trouble is, most bariatric patients struggle to getting 64 to 96 ounces.

Most programs will tell you about dehydration after weight-loss surgery, but sometimes it isn’t clear whether you really are or if you are getting along okay without as much as they require.

Not to mention, after weight loss surgery you may feel too nauseated to drink. Or all the drinks taste too sweet, or water tastes funny.

Maybe you have a busy job that makes it hard to not only drink fluids, but stop for bathroom breaks. And maybe you’ve never been someone who drinks much of anything…it’s just not a natural habit for you.

BUT…every bariatric patient needs to know the symptoms of dehydration. 

Watch this video to learn about mild dehydration versus severe dehydration.  Wondering if you need IV fluids for dehydration? Read this blog. 

Bonus: I’ll explain why not drinking enough water can slow down your weight loss progress.


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  1. Very helpful. Thank you. I’m about 3 1/2 months out and still struggle getting water in. I’m too full from a small meal. I do get some, but not near 62 Oz! Still working on it.

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