Instant Pot Cookbook for Bariatric Surgery Patients

Steph Wagner

April 17, 2019

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A Guide to Your Instant Pot: Developed for those Post Weight-Loss Surgery


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eBook Instant Pot for those post Weight Loss Surgery written by Steph Wagner bariatric dietitian on FoodCoachMe

What the eBook includes

I bought my Instant Pot over a year ago and the learning curve felt really big. For someone that cooks all the time I realized, if I am intimated by this appliance I have to think everyone else is too.

I started working on recipes and deciphering cook times for different meats. Once I knew the basics for fresh chicken or frozen chicken I could re-create tons of my recipes that use chicken. Repeating this for pork and beef I had a good base of recipes and kept working on the liquid and cook times.

After a year of cooking recipes in my Instant Pot, I would call myself an expert but I can say I am a more avid and experienced user! This allows me to get more creative now that I have a better baseline.

I created the book as a way to give other newbies a good baseline to cooking meats quickly in the pot. Bariatric patients are always looking for protein rich meals and this is a great way to make meat quickly and even freeze the extra for batch cooking.

The book includes charts on how to cook eggs, chicken, turkey, pork and beef whether fresh or frozen and a total of 20 bariatric friendly recipes. 

eBook Instant Pot for those post Weight Loss Surgery written by Steph Wagner bariatric dietitian on FoodCoachMe

How to access the ebook

I’m excited to announce my latest eBook is now published!

Releasing an eBook is a bit of a process. While the book will be available for purchase outside of the FoodCoachMe Membership, right now it is only available for current members. 

The book will also come available on multiple e-reader platforms including Kindle, Barnes and Noble and Kobo. The tentative release for those devices will be early this summer.

To access the eBook today become a member and have instant access to the PDF of 20 Weight Loss Surgery Instant Pot Recipes. The book also includes the different cook times for fresh or frozen meat choices.

The eBook should come available to purchase outside of membership in late May. Exact date to be determined. 

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What members are saying so far

“I got it and I love it!! Already have a few recipes I’ll be trying this weekend”

“Ooooh Steph it is lovely!!!!! Design wise so great! 🙌🏻 I’m excited to get started”

“I just printed it! I am making a binder with my recipes that I print out from your site. Thank you!!”

“I got it and downloaded it. I’m going to try these recipes. I’m still not comfortable with my Instant Pot.”

“So excited! I owned mine for a year before I unboxed it and tried it out!”

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