Product Review: Rick Bayless New Mexico Skillet Sauce

Steph Wagner

July 24, 2015

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Rick Bayless Skillet Sauce


I’m always looking for a great new way to get flavor in meats and veggies, with the least amount of work possible. Who isn’t??

After weight-loss surgery, it’s hard to get motivated to make a meal when you can only eat so much, right?? So items like a pre-made sauce that’s low in carbs is always nice to know about.

A while back, I had some success with a Rick Bayless Skillet Sauce. It was his “Key Lime Cilantro Sauce” and it was awesome over Tilapia for a fish taco bowl. I really enjoyed the flavor and love the simplicity of the meal. So I decided to try another one of the sauces.

This time it was a New Mexico Skillet Sauce, best over chicken:

Rick Bayless New Mexico Skillet Sauce

Here’s my important disclaimer before I tell you what I thought: I’m pregnant and things smell funky to me. 

This was a major roadblock for me. The smell was super smokey and I felt like there had to be a ton of liquid smoke in the sauce. It may have been in my expectant mother nostrils, but I was already apprehensive about taking a bite.

So I made my husband try it first.

He liked it! He wasn’t raving about it, but he gave me some confidence that it was better than I thought. So I took a bite. I hated it! I guess you win some, you lose some.

Mr. W assured me he would eat leftovers (which there were plenty of because I made eggs instead). He never ate the leftovers, which once again told me he didn’t like it enough to go seeking it out.

While it was simple to get together, it was a miss for me this time. I’ll go back to the Cilantro Lime Sauce instead :)

Instructions were very simple and written on the package should you be trying this in the future. I purchased the sauce at Target.

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