Vitamin Deficiencies After Weight-Loss Surgery…They’re No Joke.

Steph Wagner

September 25, 2014

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You know what’s tricky about vitamins??

It’s so hard to know that they are “working” or “doing anything.” And we live in a society of wanting to SEE RESULTS!!! 

Sometimes patients swear they feel a difference with their B12 or their Vitamin D…which is great! But it’s not always the case.

I follow a few Bariatric Facebook groups and I get super concerned when I see people comment on pages saying “I don’t take vitamins anymore” or “I just take regular over-the-counter vitamins.”

It concerns me because surgery has majorly changed things in terms of nutrition and a vitamin deficiency is SERIOUSLY no joke. They…are…NASTY.

I’ve seen patients who haven’t taken vitamins in years. They look terrible. They feel terrible. An iron infusion is not only a costly medical bill, they’re actually pretty dangerous. Sometimes they are very necessary! But there are absolutely dangers involved. And if someone is fighting an iron deficiency, it’s usually not the only one they are fighting.

When you have a vitamin level go low, you are prone to having it go low again…and again…and again. It is far, far easier to prevent a deficiency than it is to treat one.

If you’re someone who likes to know what different vitamins do to know the importance, great! Research your vitamins and educate yourself. Remember that bariatric surgery changes things tremendously so you do want to look at your research through the eyes of your surgery.

Stay in contact with your doctor and dietitian. Truly. If you don’t have a program that has allowed this, look in your area to see if there are providers that will take on patients. You want someone who is checking your labs annually and a dietitian who is helping you create a vitamin routine.

Everyone’s vitamin routines are a little different. We create them based on your gender, age, what surgery you’ve had, medication and pre-existing health conditions. That’s why you want it tailored to you.

And don’t underestimate the quality of your vitamins!!! It may feel at times you are just getting sold the latest and greatest thing. It is always good to ask what your different options are, but do avoid going too inexpensive on your vitamins and losing quality. Many a patient have ended up with much higher costs because of vitamin deficiencies because they weren’t paying the money for what they really needed.

I promise you I am not getting paid to share these, but I want to share a few good videos put out by Bariatric Advantage on vitamins. Take a moment and watch the video specific to your surgery and get going on your vitamins today!!!!

Click on this link to view the educational videos. The column on the right will have each surgery listed.


2 thoughts on “Vitamin Deficiencies After Weight-Loss Surgery…They’re No Joke.”

  1. I have not taken vitamins in so long . I think that could be my problem with cravings and skin

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