Asian Kebab Lettuce Wraps *Guest Post!*

Steph Wagner

September 22, 2014

This recipe is brought to you by FoodCoachMe friend and follower Katie O. If you have a bariatric friendly recipe you’d like to share please email me at! These Asian Kebabs can be eaten alone or in a lettuce wrap as Katie shares below. Happy eating! 

We normally serve these Asian Kebabs with grilled veggies, but we recently threw them in a lettuce wrap with carrots, bean sprouts, green onions, radish, & red cabbage. (picture below) 

I also recommend chopping up the meat in to tiny bariatric bite-size pieces after grilling.

photo 2

We found this recipe from “Favorite Family Recipes” and have since modified it over the summer.

Asian Kebab Lettuce Wraps // Weight Loss Surgery Recipes // Food Coach Me


These make awesome leftovers!!!

photo 3




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