30 Mindful & Instinctive Thoughts – Focus Challenge Workbook

Steph Wagner

May 21, 2021

30 Mindful & Instinctive Thoughts

June 2021 Focus Challenge Workbook


Meet Cassandra Golden Sampson

Author of The Intuitive Eating Journal 30 Mindful & Instinctive Thoughts to Start Your Day. Cassandra shares more about who this journal is for and why she wrote it!



How we will use this journal, from Steph Wagner



Cassandra’s journal will be a great addition to the June 2021 Focus Challenge!

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The Challenge theme is “Mindful Eating” and we are going to talk through this in our weekly live calls and use this journal for a daily prompt to ask interesting questions about our relationship with food.


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Things to note:

The journal was not written specifically to bariatric patients.

Those early post-op (less than a couple months) may have some areas of the journal that talk about restrictive diets but when you are on a healing diet after surgery, you have to be on a restrictive diet!

I (Steph) will have a daily video with commentary for the days prompts. When you enroll in the challenge, click the link in the welcome email to indicate you want the daily video email.


Any other questions leave a comment below or send me (Steph) an email!

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