May 2021 Live Chat Replay

Steph Wagner

May 17, 2021

May 2021 Monthly Member Live Chat Replay


Once a month bariatric chat for members of bariatric food coach with dietitian steph wagner


Answering questions including treat ideas, dip options, dehydration, vitamins and many more!


Resources mentioned in the live call:

(View this question at minute 5 in the replay.)

A member came across a super confusing nutrition label. Why was she so confused? Because it was incorrect!

It does happen! In this instance it’s best to contact the company and find a product similar to the one you are looking at. You can also look at the ingredient list to make a best guess if the ingredients are high in starch.

Reading Nutrition Labels After Surgery (Member Video Course)

This question is discussed at 9:34 in the video.

Spinach and Kale Greek Yogurt Dip from Trader Joe’s.  (Blog)

Other member suggestions: Single serving guacamole or hummus, cucumber slices, celery, carrots, bell pepper slices, Laughing Cow Cheese® with dried onions (on celery), Cheese Crisps

This question is discussed at 12:30 in the video.

This question was submitted by a member 5 weeks post-op from a Sleeve and having issues with reflux and staying hydrated. My best suggestion for her was to keep contacting her bariatric team for more specific and specialized care. We did talk about hydration tips and that it does get easier to stay hydrated the further out you get!

Member suggestions: Propel, Sugar-Free popsicles, Powerade Zero (Grape less acidic for her), Liquid IV® packs

When to go Get IV Fluids (blog)

This question is discussed at 15:30 in the video.

In this section we talked about diet plans in our past may have used called getting to your goal weight the “maintenance phase” when you can start re-introducing foods.

I share why “maintaining your weight” to me doesn’t put you in a “maintenance phase” of an eating plan. I would say you stay consistent with the habits that got you to your goal!

It’s natural to have some fear of gaining weight and its important to stay honest with yourself on how you’re doing. (Not beating yourself up but taking a little inventory.)  It’s normal to veer off but helpful to have “guardrails” that remind you to get back on your course.

Member input: Many agree with weighing once a week to check in and do still have the fear of gaining back weight but try not to let it consume their thoughts or choices.

This question is discussed at 22:40 in the video.

Blog on vitamins

Yes, you do have to space calcium out from iron by 2 hours. If the Multivitamin has iron, you need to wait 2 hours to take Calcium.

You can take 500-600 mg of Calcium at one time. Most patients will take a 500 mg Calcium Citrate Chew 2-3 times a day (one at a time, 2 hours in between each).

Avoid drinking tea, coffee or alcohol within a couple hours of an iron containing vitamin because of the tannins that can jeopardize iron absorption.

For any medication related questions be sure and ask your surgeon or physician.

Link to Celebrate Vitamins online store

This question is discussed at 32:24 in the video.

Intermittent Fasting has not shown to be highly effective for post-op patients for long-term in research studies, but it can depend on who you ask. Like most things in the weight loss world, some will strongly advise and some will strongly oppose. The biggest concern for a WLS patient is taking away time need to get in essential nutrition since the pouch is already limiting.

The times we do see it being more effective is if someone is struggling with nighttime snacking and they decide to do a fasting schedule that means they aren’t eating at the time anymore.

For example, if someone eats between 7am-7pm and they no longer eat at night, they will see results! If they can sustain that and feel their best it would be very reasonable to keep with that plan!

There is some concern about going too long without eating being hard on metabolism as well as hunger and blood sugar control. If you try IF pay attention to what your body is telling you.

This question is discussed at 34:00 in the video.

I mentioned why I think it can be helpful to call it a treat or an indulgence instead of a “cheat” which can bring negative feelings if you have a “cheat food.” Watch that segment of the video for more on that.

Chocolate Mousse Dip (Recipe)

Member suggestions: Chop protein bar into tiny bites, nearly frozen PowerAde Zero shaken up for a “snow cone”, HealthWise or Quest protein chips, measuring out a small amount of chocolate chips, sharing one cup of ice cream once a week with spouse, PowerCrunch bars, 1 tbsp peanut butter, SF chocolate pudding, Calcium Chews as a dessert, no added sugar Fudge Bar


This question is discussed at 41:00 in the video.

Similar to the question before! For this question we mentioned Quest Cookies. 

This question is discussed at 26:57 in the video.

Resources mentioned:

(I have a list of food therapists in the state of Oklahoma. Email me if that is helpful to you!)

Members mentioned Eating Recovery Center in Chicago, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy books, Overeaters Anonymous, Georgie Beams

A special thanks to members who joined us live and for those watching the replay!

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