How to Succeed after Bariatric Surgery

How to Succeed after Bariatric Surgery

Here it is! My gift to you. Videos on my favorite topics to help answer some of your Qs and get to know me a bit more!

With so many recommendations for bariatric diets, what’s the best one to follow?

Nutrition can be “clear as mud” and then adding weight loss surgery on top of it…what applies to surgery patients and what doesn’t? Why do your friends get different information from their doctors?

In this video, I share my approach to the best meal plan after surgery for both the best results and the best nutrition in your body.


Video One: The Best Meal Plan after Surgery 



What is the deal with carbs? How many are we okay to eat?

It’s always a good time to talk about carbs.

Carbohydrates are a macro (macronutrient) and the body does need carbohydrates to function. It’s also how we get in fiber.

So which carbs are the better ones, how much is okay?

What is the real story behind carbs causing weight gain?

In this video two, I will dig into all of these questions!


Video Two: The Truth About Carbs


What if I know this already but I need to get back on track?

Perhaps you know what meal plan to follow and understand carbohydrates pretty well. (A refresh is always good, but maybe it’s not news to you.)

How do you get back to the basics? What are the basics?

Let’s chat in video three about our most basic needs and why it matters for feeling more on track.


Video Three: Back to Basics



What post-op patients are saying since taking this course and joining Bariatric Food Coach

I’m adding this video because it can be helpful to hear and see from others navigating the post-op life! Research supports most successful patients are connected to support groups.

This short video highlights just 3 of our 1,000 members!


Video Four: What Members are Saying




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