Coffee Talk: Alcohol, Stalls and Macros

Steph Wagner

April 17, 2020

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Coffee Talk with Steph


Alcohol, Weight Stalls and Macros

Information is not intended for medical advice. Please consult your surgeon and weight loss surgery team for personalized health information.

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Topics covered in todays coffee talk:

☕ Alcohol (0:40)

☕ Reseting an ‘abused’ digestive system (4:45)

☕ Stalls and Macros (7:18)

☕ Food Shortages in the US (9:40)

☕At Home Workout Recommendations (11:40)

Links, articles and threads mentioned in todays coffee talk:

BlogThe Serious Side of Alcohol

This blog highlights three incredible stories of woman brave enough to share their struggles with alcohol after weight loss surgery. They include their contact information for anyone who needs someone to talk to.

Image – The Stress Bucket

Source: Nature’s Aid


Video BlogWeight Stalls

Stalls after weight loss surgery are the one of the most common reasons post-op patients email me! They are very common in the 2 week to 10 week time frame but can happen at anytime. The video linked above shares a few tips and members are able to connect with me on Baritastic and request a food journal review.


ArticleU.S. Food Supply Chain is Strained as Virus Spreads

Due to COVID-19 outbreaks at some large meat processing plants, we may see less options in the meat department. This does not mean a shortage in the food itself but that there may be less choices as workforce becomes impacted.

Here is a video on how to cut a whole chicken and package the different parts for other recipes.

Online Workout Recommendations from Members:

Jazzercise on Demand

Fit52 App

Body Language Gym

Figure 8 Basic

Bikini Mommy Body

FYT Key West

Beach Body 21 Day Fix

Peloton Streaming Service


Nestle Zumba on YouTube

Misty Tripoli Body Groove

10 Rounds boxing on beach body demand


Are you a success story but haven’t seen it that way?

2 thoughts on “Coffee Talk: Alcohol, Stalls and Macros”

  1. I am one month post op gastric sleeve an for almost 2 weeks havent lost any weight. I am also weak and have bouts of diarrhea. Help!!

  2. Hi Linda! I will reply in email as well but for the weakness and diarrhea I would reach out to your bariatric program! You want to be very cautious of any symptoms of dehdration especially at 4 weeks out. Stalls are VERY common at this point in the game so I would also encourage you not to fret! Stay the course and know that you will see and feel changes even if the scale is weird about it! Here is a video about weight stalls after surgery.

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