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Steph Wagner

July 5, 2018

2 Days Left…Enrollment is Closing!


Enrollment is now OPEN for our 28 Day Focus Challenge…BUT it closes on July 8th! We get this party started on July 9th! 🎉

To join us you’ll need to be an active member to FoodCoach.Me Premier AccessThe challenge is included in the $12 per month membership fee and is no additional cost! Upon sign up you’ll receive immediate access to all meal plans, recipes, video lessons and our Facebook group. Within 24 hours of joining you’ll receive the enrollment form for the challenge!

Here’s what you need to know about the focus challenge:

⇒ Weekly meal plans written by myself (bariatric dietitian). Choose from a “full meal plan” that includes all meals or a dinners only menu to allow individualization on breakfast and lunches.

⇒ Weekly live chat sessions with other challenge participants on Facebook (everyone’s favorite part!)

⇒ Other nutrition resources including: WLS Dining Out Guide, Batch Cooking Meal Ideas, Breakfast/Lunch/Snack Ideas

⇒ Videos for exercise, food journaling workshop using Baritastic and goal setting workshop

⇒ Giveaways (in our live chat sessions)

⇒ Our THEME this time is “Consistency” to showcase that the small everyday habits lead to lasting change

Questions? Email me at!

All my best :) 

Steph Wagner
Bariatric Dietitian

Video Transcript:

Hi I’m Steph Wagner, Bariatric Dietitian behind FoodCoach.Me

I’ve had some questions come in regarding our upcoming 28 Day Focus Challenge and wanted to answer them for everyone. Just like your teacher told you…if you have the question…likely someone else does to. So I’m going to answer them for everyone.

First of all this is a FOCUS challenge. I have found in my 9 years of working in weight loss surgery that there are certain months of the year that are more likely for patients lose focus and motivation. I’ve purposely schedule focus challenges for those months. It’s a time to tap into the community our members have with one another as well as utilize the tools and coaching that I provide. It’s not a weight loss challenge for who can lose the most weight because the hope is that all weight loss surgery patients are consistently losing towards their goal. This challenge is for helping keep you on track, or get you back on track.

So what happens next? This is currently the open enrollment period to make sure you join the challenge by day one. Enrollment is reserved only for members of the website. If you are a current member, you can enroll now using the link you’ve been emailed! If you are not a member, joining today gains you instant access to locked content on the website and you’ll receive a welcome email within 24 hours of joining for the link to enroll in the challenge.

Once your enrollment has been approved, you will receive the first weeks meal plans!  The night before the challenge starts, the course page goes live which includes all the nutrition resources, a dining out guide, batch cooking recipes, meal ideas and meal plans. Exercise videos both higher level and beginner level, videos on food journaling using Baritastic and a video that focuses on the theme of our challenge.

We do utilize our closed Facebook group for the live check ins. You will receive the link to join the group when you become a member. For those of you who do not have Facebook you will also be given the option to elect for an email accountability partner on your enrollment form. You can also do both! If you enjoy the individual AND group accountability, you are not limited to which you chose.

If you can’t make it to our live check in events – the date and times are listed in the Facebook group – the content will still be available afterwards. You can comment on threads and connect with people after the conclusion of the event. Certainly most members get more out of attending live and I have been known to do some giveaways during our chats! I realize the timing won’t work for everyone.

Enrollment is closing soon so check the dates and links below to join us before it closes! Thanks for watching and I hope to see you soon in the challenge!

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