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Steph Wagner

June 3, 2015

Food Coach Me Premiere Access Membership (4)

I’ve heard a lot of great feedback….and questions…on the latest feature to Food Coach Me! Premier Access Membership!

Here is more info and some FAQ on what it’s all about and why you should join in.

So many bariatric programs out there, as well intentioned as they are, fall short of providing patients with the everyday tools they need to succeed. When the daily grind gets going, old habits fall back into place without the right help.

I get asked so many questions when it comes to weight-loss surgery success. I’ve felt really passionate about getting that information out there to the masses! For the past few years I’ve been listening closely to the questions I’ve been asked and began making video responses. I’ve officially released all these videos for the Premier Access Members.

Other features included in Premier Access Membership. (You can also see this on the Premier Content Page)

  • Educational Video Series including “The Top 10 Reasons for Weight Re-Gain” and “6 Ways to Stop Hunger Today
  • Meal plans ranging from “Full Meal Plans” which include every meal for a week or “Just Dinners” if you want it more simple. All meal plans include a grocery list and recipes with instructions. Meal plans can be purchased individually for $5 each but are all included in the price of the membership.
  • Eating Out Guide, which I’m constantly adding to. After researching popular restaurants, I’ve made a cheat sheet on what is best to order for bariatric patients.
  • Recipes galore! You’ll have full access to all recipes on the site.
  • Complete food list with a refresher on good proteins, vegetables, fruits and healthy fats.

So what’s the big idea with the membership?

In full disclosure, it takes a lot of my time, effort and energy to keep Food Coach Me up and running. I work part-time, am very devoted to my (growing) family and am still so passionate about keeping FCM up and running. Unlike most websites, we do not have ads or accept any sort of advertising or promotion revenue. Having Premiere Access Clients allows me to keep moving forward with my big visions of online help, support and education for bariatric patients!

While some content on the website will always remain free, some recipes, most videos and nearly all meal plans will be available to Premier Access Clients at just $10 per month. You can print the recipes, the eating out guide, the meal plans but of course you can’t print all the education videos! :)

Membership can be cancelled at anytime. When you sign up, a recurring payment will be charged to your account from PayPal each month for $10. I am committed to never increasing this price.

I’m excited to continue to post new content each week and hope you’ll join me as a Premier Access Member!

– Steph :)


7 thoughts on “Food Coach Me Premier Access Membership”

  1. How many eggs?  The instructions say to add them but they are not listed in the ingredients.  Thanks!

  2. Hi Steph, I am trying to chancel my membership. Can you please help me with this. I can not find anywhere on the pages to do this. I just do not have the time to utilize your site

  3. Hi Linda,

    For the time being cancellation requests are taken care of by emailing me at – I did try to cancel your account but it must be listed with a different email address then this comment uses. I emailed you to this email address for more information. Thank you!

  4. I never signed up for this i don’t know if my kids did but I did not authorize or participate in this page im sorry but I’m being charged im disabled and I have to live on a fixed disability income please retrack this i cannot afford the luxury of any thing but my bills and household food

  5. @Claudine Malizia I am sorry for any confusion! I sent you an email with more information.

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