Get Focused Challenge is OPEN!

Steph Wagner

May 28, 2019

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Enrolling Now in June Focus Challenge

Challenge runs June 2nd to June 29th

**Enrollment for this challenge is closed! Become a member and you can still access the materials and connect in the Facebook group.

Join Membership

How to enroll

Current members: Enrollment email was sent at 6:30am Central today (May 28th) and will have the link to the enrollment form.

If you do not see your email, contact me at

Not a member, yet: Get Focused Challenges are reserved for members to FoodCoach.Me. Become a member and your link to the enrollment form will be in your receipt.

What is the challenge?

For a more detailed look into the challenge, read this blog.

In short, it’s a 4 week session for FCM members to connect through live chats, accountability groups and access resources from myself, Bariatric Dietitian, Steph Wagner.

I provided meal plans, eating out guide, no cook meal ideas, goal tracking sheets and more.

More questions? I can be reached at


7 thoughts on “Get Focused Challenge is OPEN!”

  1. The link tells me I need to be a member. I am so I sign in and it brings me back here. I’ve done this several times and it never takes me to where I sign up.

  2. Sorry about that! I need to update your email preferences to get the correct emails. Nonmembers do not have access to the enrollment so you got the wrong email! I will do that first thing tomorrow

  3. Hi,
    I enrolled to participate in the challenge. I was wondering if you can set two goals? Example water intake. I put eat 3 meals a day.
    I can’t wait .

  4. @JBarker167 Certainly! The challenge is all about supporting you in your own goals. You might 3 meals a day as your primary goal and then water. Check the box for your main goal and then add a dot over the top of a box for the water goal. This helps you track. Often times when you set a primary goal, the other goals follow behind it naturally in a (positive) domino effect!

    I am a big fan of setting very realistic goals. Not something you can do for the first week and then struggle in the second week. Often when the goal is very realistic, it causes motivation and makes it easier to add a layer to the goal once there is momentum. I tend to start out with a “softball” goal and then grow it instead of starting out lofty and losing steam. I do think your goals are fantastic!

  5. I am trying to enroll but I am only finding to join as a member but I got in when I logged in..I need to it refocused and look forward to the challenge. I have done several
    but don’t usually it plugged into the chats, pulled in to many directions. Same as others tho. Thanks for all you do.

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