28 Day Focus Challenge THEME ANNOUNCED!

Steph Wagner

May 15, 2019

28 Day Focus Challenge Starts June 3rd

Set goals, stay accountable and encourage one another



Find out the THEME of this Summer’s challenge and more importantly, how we are going to make it come to life. This is an exciting change!


The “Focus Challenge” is for any post-bariatric surgery patient looking for extra support getting or staying focused on the lifestyle needed for long-term goals. Pre-op patients are welcome to participate.

The challenge is reserved for active members to FoodCoach.Me.

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This is a “focus challenge” and not a weight loss challenge.

This is a 28 day period with increased community check-ins to encourage one another towards making the habits that lead to results. YOU pick the goals and we support you in reaching them.

I provide materials including meal plans, easy go-to recipes, dining out guides, no cook meal ideas, goal sheets and other suggestions members provide me. Email your suggestions to steph@foodcoach.me

Live check-in events are held once per week using Zoom Conference Calling.


The theme for our challenge is accountability and to make it come to life, I will be creating accountability groups inside the Baritastic app.

Groups of six will be paired inside the app and you can message one another AND see how many days someone has been journaling. This is where accountability comes – the group can see if you’ve been journaling and checking in! This is optional – if you prefer not to join a group you can make that known on your enrollment form. 


Enrollment opens Tuesday, May 28! The link to enroll will be sent to active members.

*The challenge is included in membership price and is not an extra cost. There is no long term commitment to joining as a member and you can cancel at anytime.

Enrollment will close at Noon (Central) on Saturday, June 1st. 


Right here on FoodCoach.Me I will make the “28 Day Challenge” Page go live on June 1st after enrollment has closed.

This allows participants to review materials and any shopping lists they may need prior to the official start of the 28 days on Monday, June 3rd. 

The first live check in chat of the challenge will take place Sunday, June 2nd.

We will touch base right before the first week begins with two time options. 6:00pm CENTRAL or 8:00pm CENTRAL .

Group calls are conducted using Zoom Video Conferencing. More information will arrive after enrollment.


Summer is often a natural time of losing focus with the relaxed feelings of the season or busy times of travel!

HOW (Next Steps): 

If you are a current member – no action is needed. You’ll receive the email link to enroll.  You will fill out a short form and be ready to go! In the meantime, consider what goals you may set for yourself. One goal related to food and one goal related to exercise.

As an example – click here to access the PDF for a goal setting sheet. You can fill this out now or look at it and start considering your goals.

Not a member?

I invite you to take a look around the site including the meal plans page, the recipe grid and the video library. If you like what you see, join as a member!

You can get started today will the current materials and be ready to join us next month. You are under no long-term commitment to remain a member and can cancel if you feel it is not a fit for you.

If you haven’t already – join my email list and you’ll receive a series of video emails including The Best Meal Plan After Weight Loss Surgery, The Truth About Carbs and my tips to Strengthening Your Willpower.

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I’m excited to get started soon!

Steph :)

4 thoughts on “28 Day Focus Challenge THEME ANNOUNCED!”

  1. Are there any similar challenges for pre bariatric people. Need to get into better habits now before surgery.

  2. @denise Pre-op patients are welcome to join! Everyone sets their own goals and supports each other so it’s not necessarily specific to post-ops. In fact you can select “pre-op” if you want to be in an accountability group. There are not different challenges for pre-op versus post-op.

  3. @rocketmom67 Great question! I certainly won’t stop anyone from staying in touch and don’t have any current plans to delete the groups after the challenge.

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