Product Review – Arctic Zero “Fit Frozen Desserts”

Steph Wagner

June 26, 2015

Arctic Zero - Fit Frozen Desserts. 35 calories per serving

One of the hardest foods to say no to in the world??? Ice cream. We all know it!

I get asked all the time if there is an ice cream that’s “Okay” and my answer has always been “not really.”

I have a handful of recipes for homemade ice cream using Greek Yogurt that are truthfully the best option. I’ve heard about the product Arctic Zero® for a while and decided to keep an open mind if it could be okay for patients.

While you may have to look at the website to see where these are sold in your area, I was able to get a few flavors at the Walmart Super Center near me. I tried the Cookie Shake and Chocolate Peanut Butter flavors. Other flavors available at my store was Salted Caramel and Vanilla Maple. Although keep reading for my thoughts on the taste!

Here is the nutrition label for a half cup of Chocolate Peanut Butter Arctic Zone:


Nutrition info for Arctic ZeroThe calorie content is certainly not much, and theres a bit of protein (3 grams) but this product is still primarily carbohydrates (7 grams) so it needs to be an occasional treat.

But truthfully, I don’t think it would be difficult to keep to a half a cup. Why?

For one, it’s a bit pricey for a small pint ($4.48) so you won’t be too tempted to go through these quickly!

Arctic Zero 35 Calorie Ice Cream

Not only do I think you’ll limit your portion to make your money go farther, I’ll be honest that the flavor isn’t very powerful and you may be done after just a little bit. It’s does the trick for a cold treat but at 35 calories for a half cup, it’s not surprising it can’t be as sweet and creamy as the real deal.

My overall thoughts. It’s not a bad option to have in the house “in case of emergencies.” If everyone else in the house is having a bowl of ice cream, you could join with a small scoop of one of these flavors and feel a part of the gang. Unfortunatly, in the world of low-carb, low-sugar and Greek yogurt ice creams…..this is the only one I can give any sort of approval too. The rest are packed with carbs/sugar or fat.

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