Get in your post-op eating groove with a clear mind and strategy in less than four weeks

The resources every post-op should have after surgery - no matter how long it's been

I’d love help staying on track!

It’s time to find your post-op eating sweet spot.

Living on protein shakes isn’t really the way to keep away weight regain... and it certainly isn’t the best way to find freedom in your weight and food life—but doing what post-op Facebook groups say isn’t always wise, either.

Consider this:

You face 21 meals every single week (minimum). If you're not feeling confident in what to eat to stay on track after surgery…that's added post-op stress every. single. day.


You’re post-op eating life shouldn't be a burden.

Let's reduce your stress by 21x per week, or more.

So, uh, how about we actually DO that?

Let’s stop the pendulum swing of stressing about food or giving up altogether—and choose the path toward easy, confident meal planning for years to come. Because in today's bariatric eating world, trying on new diets or NOT can mean the difference between finding your way or feeling back at square one. It’s time to feel excited about your post-op decision, and gain the weight freedom & food peace to do things in your life you’ve always wanted to do...with a fully comprehensive nutrition library at your fingertips to *keep* you on route. I’ll give you the resources, education and community to finally set up the systems that get you to your goals.

Insight & Direction

Stop googling what to eat or how much protein you need. Feel confident in your food choices and free up your mind to think about other things.

Recipes, Menus & Guides

Take the insights you've gained from my video courses and use my fully comprehensive library of bariatric eating goodies to *actually* make it happen

Private, Supportive Community

Feel seen, known and understood inside our "Gathering Place." Our motto is encouragement first, feedback second. It's like homeroom meets recess with friendship, fun and group learning.