Reminders to Journal in Baritastic

Steph Wagner

September 17, 2019

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Reminders to Journal in Baritastic


Set reminders and turn on notifications to help you journal more often


Written notes for setting reminders

Open the Baritastic app

Select reminders on the bottom of the screen

Scroll down to Other and select add new

Click on name to choose your name (Example: Time to Journal)

Select what days you want it to go off when you select repeat

Add what time you want the reminder to go off. I have it go off at my meal times. 

Click save.

Note: remember to turn on your notifications for Baritastic in your phone. Go to your phones settings, then notifications, then Baritastic to turn them on.


For customer service from Baritastic, click the three lines at the top and then Help. FoodCoach.Me members can connect with me on Baritastic, however, I am not an employee of Baritastic. Click here to find out more about members connecting on Baritastic. 

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