Bariatric Surgery Meal Plans

Steph Wagner

September 25, 2019

Bariatric Surgery Meal Plans

bariatric meal plans, menus for weight loss surgery patients to stay on track

Bariatric surgery meal plans for patients to stay on track


Meal plans, forever the most requested

After being a weight loss surgery dietitian for a decade now, I can say there is one item that gets requested the most: bariatric surgery meal plans!

Of course you would like a sample menu to get more ideas of what to eat. For sure you want someone to plan out the week for you.

Planning ahead is planning to WIN!

I often send surveys out to my website members to hear what content they are most interested in. The most recent survey showed meal plans as the winner by a landslide!

bariatric meal plans

So I updated my meal plans

As more survey results came in, meal plans continued to dominate. So I called my graphic designer and asked her for help.

My meal plans need a facelift. They also needed a good experience when on a mobile device but something that would look good in print also. (Plus I needed something I could edit easily so I can make meal plans more often!)

Thank you to Andrea for created a new meal plan template that I released last week to my website members!

bariatric meal plans, menus for weight loss surgery patients to stay on track As shown above, the meal plan includes a grocery list. Each recipe has a number next to it so if you do not plan to cook a particular recipe, you can easily cross off those ingredients on the list.

Meal plans will come in three different varieties:

7 Day Plan: includes all three meals for all seven days (a “full” bariatric meal plan)

Dinners Only Plan: just as it sounds, allows you to keep breakfast and lunch flexible but has your dinners covered

Mini Menu: Includes three nights of dinners. Great for cooking for one or if you get overwhelmed shopping and planning for a whole week at a time.

At the time of this post the FIRST 7 Day Plan in the new template has been released on the meal plans page. View the meal plans here, become a member to unlock the plans. 

Dinner Only Plans and Mini Menus are coming each week for members. Become a member today and enjoy the menus, recipes, members community, video courses, Baritastic connection and more!


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bariatric meal plans, menus for weight loss surgery patients to stay on track

3 thoughts on “Bariatric Surgery Meal Plans”

  1. Hello!

    The meal plans are on the top navigation of the website so if you are on a desktop it will be at the top and if you are on mobile you click ‘meal plan.’ There are 10 meal plans listed and when logged in to a member account you can click the name of the meal plan and the dropdown appears with a button to open the PDF. You can also click a button at the bottom of the meal plans page to see the archived menus.

    Let me know how else I can help!

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