Review: Plexus Slim

Steph Wagner

July 18, 2013

After I posted my thoughts about the Fat-Flush Water, I was asked to review Plexus Slim – which you may have seen come through on your Facebook feed.

I hadn’t heard of the company or the product, so I spent some time this morning researching their website. Because I’m not out to bash/dog/offend any companies, I’m going to share the pros and cons of my personal/professional opinion.


-Everything listed on the ingredients list did sound to be all-natural. They are not using goofy things and nothing I feel would be harmful. They even list it’s okay for teens and pregnant women (although encouraged to ask a doctor) which makes me confident it is a safe product.

-I didn’t find any sort of nutrition label, which to me says the product does not contain calories. This may not be the case, but most products containing calories list the nutrition label on their website. Something to clarify, but if it’s calorie free it doesn’t seem to be harmful to weight loss.


-Similar to my concerns on the fat-flush water, it seems to make big claims…and yet also has several disclaimers that tells me they aren’t super confident in it’s success. For example, they mention you may see results in losing inches before pounds, which to me says it’s not a very significant change in weight.

-Also like the water, this product has you drink it with water 30 minutes before eating. Drinking water 30 minutes before eating naturally suppresses your appetite even without a product mixed in it. So the positives may be felt more from the water than the product itself. You should do this anyway!

-Something that made me uncomfortable with the company: on the FAQ page someone asked if they will lose from their waist or from their bust. They answered mostly the waist (which I’m hesitant to believe) but also used it as an opportunity to discuss their breast cream. Wait, what? Breast cream? Again, an all natural product that would do no harm. Just makes me cautious that the company has several products that make big claims.

-One last thing, they mention the word “toxins” and “detoxify” often. These words always make me unsure of the situation. Our bodies are crafted so beautifully to care for itself and any “toxins” are naturally eliminated from the body. Our kidneys and our intestines are very good at that. Anytime something claims to detoxify I get uncomfortable. I feel our bodies naturally do what it needs and doesn’t need our help to rid toxins. If you are following a healthy diet, low in processed foods, staying hydrated and exercising…your body will be in it’s most natural sate, which is the best thing for it. 

All in all, my answer on this one is – it won’t harm you, but it may not help you. It doesn’t seem worth the cost to me. Although, the cost is not listed so I have no idea what that is. It seemed to be a pyramid scheme and they are recruiting ambassadors to sell. So you would need to contact an ambassador for more information.

It’s back to what we all know. No magic product will make the difference, it’s making changes to your diet and getting in activity that makes the difference.

2 thoughts on “Review: Plexus Slim”

  1. The whole “toxin” thing is one of my pet peeves. It’s as though they want us to believe that our bodies are just chock full of horrifying chemicals. I’ve never bought into it and don’t plan to start.

  2. “Toxins” also scare me. One of my first patients as an RN on inpatient adult cardiology was a 37-year old woman who had been drinking some concoction to detoxify and lose just a couple more pounds before she and her husband went on a dream vacation. She missed the vacation because she was in ICU after developing a serious heart arrhythmia while detoxifying. Steph is very correct. Our kidneys, liver and intestines do a really nice job removing toxins from our bodies. God knew what He was doing when he gave us these organs. We would do well to let them do their jobs. Thanks, Steph, for looking at these products.

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