Straws, Travel & Net Carbs (Member Call April 2022)

Steph Wagner

April 27, 2022

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Straws, Travel & Net Carbs: Member Call April 2022


Video clips answering 4 great questions on the April 2022 member call


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Question One:  Straws, Carbonation and Caffeine (9:18 minutes)

The guidelines aren’t standardized and they do change!

Straws and carbonation have not found to be evidence based that patients cannot use them though your program may advise to avoid them out of caution. My advice is to avoid for the first 3 months after surgery and try slowly to see if you have any issues (discomfort, acid reflex, belching).

Programs will differ on how much caffeine and when you can introduce it. The standard recommendation is for hydrating fluids to be non-carbonated or caffeinated thus caffeine wouldn’t be counted as water.

Question Two: Will I really lose more weight after surgery if I have stalled before surgery? (14:31 Minutes)

We all cheered for this persons amazing success before surgery! We also encouraged her she will see wonderful success with the surgery tool on her side plus her dedication. Well done!!!

Question Three: How to eat and drink on a 12 hour flight  (4:48 minutes)

As Spring unfolds and Summer is around the bend, questions around travel will continue!

Flight travel can be tricky to stay hydrated without a lot of bathroom stops. Hydrate well the day before travel. Sip consistently even if not a lot at once. Use bathroom breaks as a chance to stretch your legs.

I also mentioned writing down the schedule including what time your last bathroom stop can be before boarding and what hours you might be asleep. If some concerns are more related to foods triggering the need for a bathroom I recommended he/she email me so we can talk through that!

Question 4: More about net carbs (2:33 minutes)

Net carbs are commonly used in diabetic education. Subtracting the fiber and sugar alcohol gives a better indication on how the food will impact blood sugars.

Net Carbs are also heavily used in marketing for foods. You’ll notice net carbs on the front of packing to make a food look healthier. In my approach to bariatric nutrition, I look at the total carbohydrates.

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7 thoughts on “Straws, Travel & Net Carbs (Member Call April 2022)”

  1. I am the owner of question #2. I just listened to the replay and literally broke down and cried when Steph read your sweet comments. I do appreciate each and every one of you. After working my butt off (literally ), and seeing the scale come to a grinding halt, I find myself freaking out, pre-op. You all seriously put my mind @ ease. Bless you all (and you too Steph) ❤️

  2. @Glenda I am so glad you got to see the replay and feel the encouragement!!!! If you were on the call you would have seen people clapping on their muted screens too!

  3. I am the owner of question #3, thank you so much for all of your advice. Yes, I do have anxiety over this, both drinking and eating . I will email you Steph for more ideas regarding eating. Eating lightly is a good idea as well as Imodium which I had not thought of. I think I understand being well hydrated and maybe just sipping during the flight. It is an overnight flight, which will help, but I am not sure I will be able to sleep, which is also a concern. Thanks again all of you for your advice.

  4. I am 3 years out and have gained 35 pounds, I am not able to exercise much, but my question is this, does the reset plan really work and if it does what is the best one to do?

  5. @Kathi Stout I would say it’s not really about any specific reset plan, it’s more about getting back to the basics. There are different styles of how someone might like to do that but at the end of the day, it’s the same as clearing out the extras in your house, making a meal plan, keeping water with you, focusing on protein first, etc. The good news is after 5 days of focusing on proteins, veggies and water (and really watching the starches and sweets) you feel so much better. Your energy is up, appetite more controlled and it becomes more manageable to move forward with better habits to manage the weight! You might try the Back on Track video course for some ideas and inspiration as well!

  6. I can understand feeling anxious about it! I hope these tips can help give you some peace and some ideas. I also hope it all ends up working out really well and you can enjoy your trip!

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