Carb Rehab – Day #1

Steph Wagner MS, RDN

April 8, 2014

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You may have seen my post on Facebook yesterday….this week I checked myself into carb rehab.

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 9.02.59 AM

Because I so strategically planned our wedding anniversary for 2 days after my birthday, this time of year is a total CARB FESTIVAL! Red velvet baked goods, birthday cookie cakes and year old anniversary cake (surprisingly amazing). I was talking even faster than my normal, and if you know me….that’ssocrazyfastomg!

Thus, yesterday (Monday) was Day #1 of carb rehab. Mr W started singing “they tried to make me go to rehab, I said” and then we both felt a little bad about Amy Winehouse :/

Disclaimer: Carb rehab is not an actual place. So if you were thinking “hmmm…I should look at going there.” Then you CAN and yet, you aren’t physically going anywhere. It’s more a mental checkin than, you know, in person.

Days 1-5 of eliminating/reducing starches and sweets from the body are the WORST. You are fuzzy in the brain, hungry in the tummy and all around irritated. I also swear your sense of smell is keenly aware of anything bread/pastry related. Do not…I repeat…DO NOT go anywhere a freshly baked loaf of bread may reside. Unless you like to be tortured.

Here is my recap of Day 1. For both your benefit in case you want to join me AND accountability to me. Be sure to read the part about leaving the gym before working out.

6AM – coffee (duh) with 1 tbsp sugar-free creamer…and an EAS AdvantEdge protein shake. Water, water, water, water (drink that hunger away!)

9:30AMPowder in a Bottle protein shake. Add the water and shake, shake, shake senora.

10:00AM – Decaf coffee with 1 tbsp of creamer…because I just need SOMETHING

12:00PM – leftover chicken and veggie stir fry

1:30PM – 2 calcium chews…for something sweet!

3:30PMpeppermint cocoa crunch protein bar

5:15PM – got myself to the gym. Got myself to the locker room. Put on my brand new workout capris. Did I mention they were bright pink and very spandexy? I bought them on my birthday at the GAP and realized IMMEDIATELY that the GAP has way better lighting than the gym. I immediately decided “these need to be returned and I can’t be in public wearing all this stretchy pink on my body!!!!!!!!!”

5:30PM – headed home. Ahem, and swore to myself I would do a workout at home….or at the very least make a better plan for tomorrow.

6:30PM – made dinner and had baked chicken with turkey bacon, onion and a ranch packet. Steamed carrots on the side.

7:30PM– sat on the couch and read my book instead of working out :/ I’m reading the Divergent Series…guilty pleasure! 

8:30PM – high protein pudding (something like this)

It really was a successful first day. I made it through cravings, hunger and weak moments. I didn’t make it to the gym, but in all honesty…I was feeling the no-carb-fuzzy-brain so it may be for the best to workout today with a better plan. So here I am starting Day #2 of Carb Rehab! And you better believe it started with a prayer.

10 thoughts on “Carb Rehab – Day #1”

  1. Hi! Omgosh do I understand about being able to smell the carbs. I’ve been known to bind them in the name of Jesus while completing an about face turn in an effort to flee the delicious smelling scene LOL I am wondering if I can make my own protein pudding and if you have a recipe for it. Maybe just add a scoop of protein powder and unsweetened almond milk to a box of SF jello pudding?

  2. I have to drive by an ethanol plant everyday on my way to and from work. Yeast is a huge ingredient in the ethanol production. So it always smells like a giant bakery. So… ya… step one fail.

  3. We have a Purina Dog Food plant that smells horrific. I can’t decide which would be better….?

  4. HAHA “bind them in the name of Jesus while completing an about face turn”….hilarious!!! Especially because it is soooo true!

    I’m not sure about the pudding…I say give it a try and find out! Let me know how it goes. When I create something like that I will put it in myfitnesspal and get the carb to protein ratio for the serving. I’m guessing a little would go along way so if it comes out okay it would probably be a good option! Report back!

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