4 thoughts on “Chicken Tinga – Shredded Mexican Chicken”

  1. Hi Richard! I know we also discussed this on the Facebook Group but for anyone who may see this in the future – One serving of the chicken tinga (which is 1/4 of the recipe) has an estimated 130 calories. Also, because this was a locked members recipe I copy and pasted the ingredients into myfitnesspal. If it were unlocked I could have copy and pasted the URL. Both are relatively quick!

  2. 5 stars
    This recipe has a few more steps than most, and makes more dirty dishes, but it is very good! I forgot to buy tomatoes so I used canned tomatoes, but I think it worked. I don’t like too much heat, so I cut the peppers open and scooped out many of the seeds before adding them to the chicken. I will make it again!

  3. Great feedback! I agree, it’s more steps than I typically do myself. When I’m really ready for a change a pace, this is when I feel ready to add it in!

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