Fall 2019 Member Updates! [Video]

Steph Wagner

September 5, 2019

Fall 2019 Member Updates


Watch the video below for news on upcoming member features



Recap of Summer 2019

Eight new blogs posted (click here to view the blogroll page)

New Aldi Shopping Guide (click here for member access)

New Video course “Exercise and the Bariatric Diet

Two new meal plans and a large update to the archived meal plans page

28 Day Challenge in the month of June!

New recipes including grill, air fryer and Instant Pot recipes. Click here for the recipes list.

Coming soon in Fall 2019

Our current project includes a big MOVING project for all the recipes! With over 500 recipes it will be a large project but will move our recipes into a more up-to-date plugin.

This new plugin will allow for better saving features and options to create your own meal plan lists. Stay tuned! We are testing now and will be releasing the updates in batches.

Soon after that project (and coinciding) will be changes to our members community! More announcements to come on what that will look like but it will allow for more connection within our member group!

MEAL PLANS have been the most requested content item on my most recent survey. I’m working with my graphic designer to update the meal plan template and creating new plans now. Watch your email for new plans!

Finally, a big announcement will be made likely in the beginning of the new year. I’ll be dropping hints but it’ll be big!

As always feel free to contact me at steph@foodcoach.me

Thank you for being a member! I LOVE what I do and am so blessed with the flexibility it allows me as a Mom.

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