Exercise and the Bariatric Diet

Exercise and the Bariatric Diet

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How and when to change your bariatric diet for your exercise routine


Introduction to the Exercise and the Bariatric Diet members course

It’s a very frequent question for a bariatric dietitian. “How does my diet change when I add in exercise?”

The answer is that it depends on what kind of exercise, how far out you are from surgery and what your main goal is for your body.

This is a mini course “Exercise and the Bariatric Diet”  for members to the website. The course covers:

Determining your goals for your exercise

Carb and fat burning at different heart rates

Meal timing and workout timing

Proper use of carbs for workout fuel

There is a reason it’s hard to find information about the bariatric diet and exercise. It is all so individual! Someone 8 weeks out of surgery that’s starting to walk 30 minutes a day is different than someone 2 years out of surgery who is losing regain and wants to start cycling classes at the gym.

This course is meant to provide a good fundamental base of knowledge for how the body uses fuel when exercise and what that means for you diet. Perhaps you can change nothing or simply change the timing of your meals. In some instances you will want to introduce some carbs, but how you do that can keep you from falling into bad habits.

Here is a blog post specific to bariatric eating when training for a 5k run.

Who should use this course and how

If you’re looking to add exercise into your lifestyle after your bariatric surgery, this is a great place to start for a better understanding of how the body works in exercise.

This course is helpful if you are looking to add some lighter exercise or feel you are a beginner OR you are looking to push yourself to new challenges and run a 5k or take a boot camp class.

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