Heat and Eat Turkey Bacon? Product Review

Steph Wagner MS, RDN

October 10, 2016

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Heat and Eat Turkey Bacon - WLS Product Review


You’ve probably tried the microwavable turkey sausage links and patties. But what about turkey bacon?

I’ve always purchased the “fully cooked” turkey bacon that you still had to “cook.” You know what I mean. It’s the turkey bacon package next to all the many varieties of the “real deal” bacon. It’s cooked through so you don’t have to worry about it being raw…but you still heat it.

I use that kind of turkey bacon for everything. As a stand alone with breakfast or stuffed in an egg cup or burger or meatloaf or jalapeno popper…I could go on.

But THIS kind of “heat and eat” turkey bacon I had never seen. Well, confession. I saw it at Aldi the week before I actually bought it at a HyVee. I was too unsure the first time. 

The first time I tried it was just out of the box. It said you can eat it as it is or you can heat it.

It is not my personal recommendation to eat it out of the box. Pass.

Not my favorite. So I gave it another try and microwaved it as stated on the box “4 minutes on each side.”

It is somewhat personally recommended to heat it as stated on the box.

Ehhh. Better but not awesome. I still prefer the kind where I cook it myself and get the texture. This is just an odd sort of texture. And strangely thin.

So then I chopped it up and tossed it in a chicken salad. This BLT Chicken Salad to be exact.

It is highly recommended to use this product to cut corners and save time on other recipes.

And that’s where I land here people. Turkey sausage links and patties are still the winners in the “heat and eat” category. But I will utilize this product when I need to just chop up some turkey bacon and toss it in a recipe. I DO love that I can skip the step of cooking up turkey bacon just to toss it into something else!

Hope that’s helpful to you :)

Happy eating!


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