My Favorite Event of the Year!

Steph Wagner MS, RDN

October 19, 2023

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My favorite event of the year!


Now enrolling…the Fall 2023 Focus Challenge!

Pssst!! If you missed my Goal Setting Workshop – you can catch the replay here! 

I’m excited to let you know that enrollment to my 2023 Fall Focus Challenge is now open!

And? Our theme for these next four weeks is…. Don’t Stop Believin’


^^^ With that, you’ll be able to join exclusive coaching calls I’ve never shared publicly. We are diving deep into habit formation and building systems in your life that you can stick with especially heading into the holidays!

The challenge officially starts Monday, October 23rd. Four weeks of taking the goal you’ve crafted after my Goal Setting Workshop and making it happen in the midst of everyday life.

As a recap if you’ve missed it…this is what I’ve been talking a LOT about the past few weeks:

The 5 Bariatric Pillars are Water, Meal Planning & Food Quality, Movement, Sleep and Vitamins
Focusing on a habit that makes ONE of those stronger, makes the whole foundation stronger

And it would absolutely be my honor to help you fortify your foundation inside my Fall Focus Challenge.


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Now…let’s talk about where to go next.


If you are a Current Premier Access Member, here are your steps to join the challenge:


If you are not a member but ready to find out more about the challenge…click this link!


Listen. There’s no other online bariatric library as comprehensive as Bariatric Food Coach. This is the only online post-op support that encompasses ALL the resources to help you follow through on the coaching…plus the community to cheer you along the way. It’s like a Swiss army knife situation over here.

So when you’re ready, I’ll see you on the other side of this link, ready to take everything that’s swimming around your head, and put it into action with a clear goal and strategy to forward progress.

We officially start on Monday, October 23rd! The time to join is now!

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