Post-Op More Than Six Months

Post-Op More Than Six Months

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Further in your journey post-op, but looking for more help?


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The days of pre-op diets and pureed foods are behind you (thank goodness). 

But we all know this is a journey.

Perhaps you are needing help getting back on track or finding lost motivation. Maybe you are ready to get past a long stall. 

I’d like to offer you this Back on Track PDF Guide. You’re already on my so all you need to do is click the link for instant access to the guide. 



Truth be told…if you are more than six months post-op and you don’t feel very supported in what to do next – you are who I created this website for. 

I’ve been a dietitian in weight loss surgery for a hot minute now and I know full well that it’s hard to find the right resources for DAILY life after surgery. When all the dust has settled and the life demands have not. I am a big fan of bariatric programs and the dietitians who work in them! However, most of them would probably agree it’s hard to give the day-in and day-out resources patients need. 

Bariatric Food Coach was created to bridge that gap. 

⇒ All the meal plans are written with a focus on protein and include the shopping list and recipes. 

⇒ 500+ recipe ideas to keep healthy food fun, easy and exciting

⇒ Video courses from myself focus on reading nutrition labels after surgery, cooking for one, cleaning out your pantry, getting back on track and more!

⇒ We also have a private Facebook group for members to connect with other members PLUS three times a year we run a “Get Focused Challenge” and really increase our community vibes on encouraging each other towards reaching goals. 

All this is the monthly membership fee that can be canceled at any time. You are never on the hook for more than the month you’ve already paid for. 

Feel free to get in touch with me at if you have any questions about the membership. You can also click here to visit the product page, read more and get started! 

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