Premier Access turns 8 Years Old!!!

Steph Wagner MS, RDN

June 14, 2023

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Premier Access turns 8 Years Old!!

It’s time to celebrate with a look back and some giveaways!!!

Happy Birthday to us! (TL;DR scroll to the bottom for the giveaway info!)

This month marks EIGHT years since Premier Access Membership launched.  I just HAVE to do a celebratory look at the past – and some giveaways!

On June 2nd, 2015 I opened up Premier Access to fifty people and filled all the spots in less than 48 hours.

^^before I knew where to angle a camera…or a ceiling light.

Hold the phone, let’s rewind real quick to why I started the first-ever bariatric surgery membership online.

All the props go to my BFF+spouse+co-owner.


In 2012, I started a blog to help my patients find recipes online I knew I could trust. I would see patients all day in a bariatric surgery clinic, come home and make dinner, take a photo, and post it to my blog ( back then).

I started selling some meal plans to make a little money for my extra evening work.

But then Kevin and I were in a terrible accident that nearly took our lives. Months later when I was able to return to the job I loved, I was yearning for more flexibility to spend time with the people I love. That sorta thing happens when you experience firsthand how fragile your life is…

I decided to go all in on my website and create more content to help patients in daily life. But of all the things I did NOT want to do – was put ads on my site. Puh-lease. I find them so annoying.

When Kevin suggested a membership model website, I had to wrap my mind around it. Back then, the only subscription website I knew about was Pandora. The more I thought about it, the more excited I became. Not being limited to how many post-op patients I could help? Spend more time creating recipes and resources for the in-between visits, and daily life stuff? The possibilities felt endless and they still do! 

When I opened membership on June 2nd, 2013, and maxed my fifty spots right away, I was hooked.


^^learning to make videos from our guest room. Ahhh…I look so fresh pre-kids ;)

Which brings me to today.

Eight years later our family has grown by two children and I’ve had a flexible schedule to spend their formative years with them.

AND >>>

I have welcomed over 6,800 patients through my virtual membership doors.

Some came and went more quickly, while others have stayed with me for the entire eight years. Like Nancy…


Humbled doesn’t begin to describe it.

The Premier Access Membership library has grown up in so many ways these last 8 years (me too) –  I wonder what that is in online business years?



There are many MANY days I think to myself “I can’t believe this worked.

I can’t believe I get to create whatever comes to my mind to serve bariatric surgery patients while reserving time to play with my kids, volunteer at their school and build a business with my husband.

The more time I get to connect with my members, the more it feels like connecting with old friends. This Summer is our first attempt at a member’s book club and I LOVE getting to connect even more.

What’s a birthday without PRESENTS?! I am celebrating this 8-year birthday with a giveaway!

Here is what I’m giving away…


A signed copy of Best Fork Forward: Everyday Dinners after Bariatric Surgery (also turning 8 years old this month! My cookbook!)

A signed copy of a Focus Challenge Workbook – to use this Fall for our next challenge month!

A Bariatric Food Coach Gym Bag “Building up my Pillars”

12 months of Premier Access Membership to Bariatric Food Coach! *Current members can enter to win and get a gift certificate to use for themselves or share with a friend!

There are FOUR ways to enter. You can do all of them and enter to win four times! Use the buttons below to get your entries submitted!

The contest will close on June 21st and the winner will be contacted on June 22nd for information to send the prize.

***BTW after 8 years of running a membership (over 10 years of blogging) I have worked through many a tech issue. This is the FIRST time I’ve run a giveaway like this so if that little contest box below is causing you any trouble, just leave a comment and we’ll get it straightened out!

Happy Birthday to us and Good Luck to you!!


15 thoughts on “Premier Access turns 8 Years Old!!!”

  1. I love all the advice and suggestions you have. This journey is much less scary and complicated with! You are so fun to listen to and you are so creative! I love it!
    Keep up the great work

  2. I’m 7 years post-op RNY. I’m so ecstatic that I found your content. It is true and honest my journey is more successful because of your work and dedication to our Bariatric community.
    Thank you!

  3. I’m only sorry that it took me so long to find BFC, but now that I have it is an essential tool in my toolbox. Congratulations on 8 successful years, and best wishes for many more to come.

  4. This site has been a god send and Steph is a Well of knowledge. Thank you for your guidance, tools, support, and patience. So happy I joined a year and a half ago.

  5. Have been on BFC many years and love all the information and Steph’s approach. Excellent recipes and meal plans. Many years of continued success and THANK YOU!!!!

  6. Congratulations and Happy Birthday! I KNOW I wouldn’t have been successful without you and BFC!! Thank you for all of your work!

  7. So happy I found Bariatric Food Coach. I’m just 3 months out from having the sleeve surgery:). I love jumping on the site whenever I need. Thanks Steph!!

  8. Happy Birthday Stephanie
    Thank you for all your time to help all of us.
    I can’t wait to see what you got going the next 8 years’.

  9. I am a recent new member. I had looked at your free information for quite some time before joining. I really liked what I saw. I used A LOT of different sites and felt overwhelmed with TOO much information, so I started really looking at what each site offered. Your site gave me everything I needed in one place and everything was so well done. I stopped going to all the other sites and I feel much less stressed. I visit your site daily, sometimes it might be just for a minute sometimes I spend more time, but I always find what I need. Maybe just an inspiration for the day, or maybe a whole week of meal planning. THANK YOU and Happy Birthday !!

  10. Happy Birthday BFC! Thank you for being my go to resource for a healthy lifestyle!

  11. I am a new member and have gotten a lot of info from the video courses I’ve taken so far. I am taking it slow, taking notes, copying recipes and reading the many posts. Glad I am here.

  12. I am so happy I found You ! learning step by step (what a journey). Thank you ! Steph for having good resource for a better health lifestyle.
    Congratulations! God Bless.

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