Video: Paleo Diet vs Postop Weight-Loss Surgery Diet

Steph Wagner MS, RDN

September 30, 2015

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The Paleo Diet vs the Bariatric Diet - Video on

What’s similar…and different..between the Paleo Diet and the Post-Op Weight Loss Surgery Diet?? Watch and find out!


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Video Transcript:

Paleo vs WLS Diet

Hi, it’s Steph Wagner, Bariatric Dietitian here on FoodCoach.Me

If you’ve heard of the Paleo diet, you’ve probably noticed how similar it seems to a postop bypass, sleeve or band diet. Focus on protein and veggies and avoid starches.

So what is the difference between these two diets? Similar to the video I shared on the Atkins Diet vs the postop weight loss surgery diet, there are certainly similarities and also differences.

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The Paleo Diet is short for the word “Paleolithic” and is often called the “caveman diet.” It’s focus is on eliminating process foods by saying “if the food wasn’t available for a caveman, it’s not natural enough for me to eat.”

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Similarities in the postop diet and Paleo diet.

There are some similarities in the Paleo diet and the postop diet with the biggest commonality being  a strong focus on protein and fresh vegetables. Searching Pinterest or Google for Paleo recipes may results in recipes that fit postop recommendations.

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But even looking at those recipes it’s important to weed out ingredients that aren’t ideal for postop weight loss. For example, similar to the Atkins diet, there are higher fat ingredients to eliminate or modify. Paleo recipes will call for regular bacon but postop patients should stick to turkey bacon or canadian bacon. Paleo also uses lots of almonds and other nuts that can slow down postop weight loss. Many recipes call for almond flour or coconut flour which postop patients still want to avoid due to the carbohydrate content.

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Here’s what I like about the Paleo diet. I love the focus on clean eating but choosing fresh meats and veggies without high processed foods or ingredients. I love that there is no calorie counting or gram counting. I love that Paleo bloggers do a fantastic job of keeping variety and excitement in their foods. What I would avoid is anything calling for flours, pork bacon, agave nectar (which is high sugar containing) or using lots of coconut products because of saturated fats.

I hope that helps to describe the connection between these two diets! Some paleo websites may be a fun resource of you IF you know how to make the changes necessary for the meals to fit postop recommendations.

Thanks for watching, I’m Steph Wagner and remember to chose better food for a better life!

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