Why More Patients Are Choosing Gastric Sleeve – Video

Steph Wagner MS, RDN

April 15, 2015

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Video - Why more patients are choosing the Gastric Sleeve for Weight Loss Surgery

More and more patients are choosing the Gastric Sleeve surgery Gastric Band or even Gastric Bypass. Watch this video to hear my thoughts on what patients share with me on how they made their decision.


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Video Transcript:

Why More Patients Are Choosing Gastric Sleeve.

Hi! I’m Steph Wagner, Bariatric Dietitian on FoodCoach.Me.

If you’re interest in weight loss surgery or your a postop patient, you may be hearing more and more that patients are choosing the Gastric Sleeve over the Gastric Band or the Gastric Bypass surgeries.

So why are people choosing the sleeve more often? Everyone has their reasons why they make this personal decision – but these are the reasons I hear more often than any others.

Many patients know someone who has had a gastric band and have seen it not be as successful for them. They’ve seen friends have complications with the band including acid reflux or even a slip and they see how much maintenance is involved in going in often for fills and adjustments. The band is much less popular than any surgery and I have to agree, I don’t the see the success patients are looking for with the band. It doesn’t mean I have seen some patients success tremendously with the band, because I have. But I’ve also had many band patients wish they’d chosen another surgery from the start.

Patients tend to steer away from the Bypass only because it is a bigger surgery and can be intimidating to think of the rerouting of the GI tract. While the Bypass is a wonderful surgery in the right candidates, I understand why it may not be the choice for everyone. When patients struggle quite a bit with sweets, they consider to Bypass because the consequences are more intensive with this surgery. When patients have a loftier weight loss goal and more weight to lose than other patients, they may also go with the Bypass as it’s the consider the “cadillac” of surgeries and can offer tremendous weight loss success.

But why do most people feel comfortable with the sleeve? It feels more simple. Just take a little off the top right?? The surgeon removes about 80% of the stomach and there is no device placed in the body nor is there any rerouting of the digestive system. It seems like the more simple operation and that provides a lot of comfort for patients.

Of course the decision to have a surgery is very personal and meeting with your surgeon to discuss what is right for you is what matters most. Take in all the information you can get about the different procedures and then take some time to think and pray over what is right for you.

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