WLS Product Review: Morning Star Farms Steak Strips

Steph Wagner

April 10, 2018

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 Bariatric Product Review: Morning Star Farms Steak Strips

Bariatric Product Review: Morning Star Farms Steak Strips | WLS Nutrition | FoodCoach.Me


⇒Name of Product:  Morning Star Farms Steak Strips

⇒Where it was purchased: HyVee (local grocery store)

⇒Cost: $4.79 for 10 ounces

Nutrition Information:



The serving size is for “12 average strips” and there are 3 servings in the bag.

Another way to look at it, for one-third of the bag you will get:

⇒ 23 grams protein

⇒ 6 grams carbohydrate

⇒ 4.5 grams of total fat


Which means, this is a GREAT product when it comes to nutrition.


Here’s the thing.

I thought it was disgusting 😬

So this is a product review that is honestly stating my personal but true feelings – skip it. I’ll still fill out the how it might be used but if you decide to give it a try, know that you might throw away $5. Hey, might be worth it to find out? 

How it might be used:


My thought was to use them over a salad or tossed in with eggs. Steak strips are yummy and fun to add to dishes but can be a lot to make on your own. Many pre-packaged steak strips are high in fat so I thought this might be a good alternative.

I followed the instructions to add so much water and microwave. Perhaps if I used another method such as using the skillet it would have been another experience. I admit, I was too turned off by the product as a whole to try any other method of heating it!


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