• Emotional Eating and Bariatric Surgery

    1 Lesson
    image for the video course emotional eating after bariatric surgery on bariatric food coach

    Real hunger or emotional hunger? When the 'Hunger and Bariatric Surgery' course has left some questions like "what about stress eating" this is the course for you.

  • Frequently Asked Questions - Stand Alone Videos

    14 Lessons

    The video lessons below are not necessarily related into a ‘course’ like the others on the website. Instead, these are quick videos answering commonly asked questions!

  • Introduction Video Course

    3 Lessons
    intro video course on bariatric food coach

    Learn how to use video courses and enjoy three helpful videos from Steph on nutrition after surgery. Includes Best Meal Plan after WLS, The Truth about Carbs and Back to Basics.

  • Hunger and Bariatric Surgery

    8 Lessons
    Video course Hunger and Bariatric Surgery on Bariatric Food Coach

    This course covers the biology of hunger, how surgery changes things and daily habits that help control hunger and therefore better results in weight loss.

  • Healthy Holidays after Bariatric Surgery

    1 Lesson
    video course from steph wagner bariatric dietitian healthy holidays after bariatric surgery

    Take a moment to hear Steph's thoughts on how to enjoy the holiday season without letting it get the best of you.

  • Exercise and the Bariatric Diet

    0 Lessons

    How and when to change the bariatric diet for a new exercise routine can be confusing. Consider your goal in your exercise and review how metabolism works during exercise.

  • Getting Back on Track

    0 Lessons
    video course for getting back on track after regaining weight after weight loss surgery with steph wagner bariatric dietitian foodcoachme

    The unthinkable has happened. You’ve gained weight after weight-loss surgery. The very thing you thought you would never do. The thing you swore to never let happen to you.

  • How to Succeed With Gastric Sleeve

    0 Lessons
    video lesson how to succeed with gastric sleeve with bariatric dietitian steph wagner on foodcoachme

    How to Succeed with Gastric Sleeve Four lesson video series on how to get the most out of you Gastric Sleeve Surgery Whether you are considering having a sleeve, about to have a sleeve or had your sleeve years ago…this is a great course for getting back to the basics on what your surgery is … Continue reading "How to Succeed With Gastric Sleeve"

  • WLS Patient's At Home Workout Series

    0 Lessons
    Weight Loss Surgery Workout Videos that you can do at home! They aren't totally beginner because let's be honest - High Intensity Interval Training and Tabata are not easy! But if you are ready to take your exercise to the next level but for 20 minutes at home - these are a great resource!

    Join me and Certified Exercise Instructor Jenn Marasco in my basement for a series of four workout sessions! Jenn uses HIIT (high intensity interval training) and Tabata to work several muscle groups. I love her recommendation to work YOUR hardest at YOUR level.

  • How to Succeed with Gastric Bypass

    1 Lesson
    video lesson how to succeed with gastric bypass with bariatric dietitian steph wagner on foodcoachme

    Whether you are considering having a gastric bypass, about to have a bypass or had your bypass years ago…this is a great course for getting back to the basics on what your surgery is and how to get the MOST out of it. In this course we’ll cover: A recap of how anatomy is different … Continue reading "How to Succeed with Gastric Bypass"