28 Day WLS Challenge **Enrollment Closed**

Steph Wagner MS, RDN

October 18, 2017

Get the bariatric recipes and tips YOU need!

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**CURRENT MEMBERS: If you missed the enrollment period to get the challenge fee waived, you’ll need to email me directly at steph@foodcoach.me and I’ll get you taken care of!

⇒Weekly meal plans and grocery lists with breakfast, lunch, dinner and optional snack

⇒Weekly 10-15 minute exercise video featuring Jenn Marasco, fitness instructor

⇒Weekly goal setting and reviews, submitted to Steph for accountability

⇒Option to pair up with an accountability partner to email throughout the challenge

⇒Team competitions throughout the challenge

⇒Access to closed Facebook Group for daily challenge updates and stories

8 thoughts on “28 Day WLS Challenge **Enrollment Closed**”

  1. Oh no! I wonder what that’s about?? Did you receive my emails but you can’t respond to them?

  2. I have enrolled to premier account #23493 and I want to subscribe at the 28 days challenge do I need to pay again

  3. I just found your wonderful site today and joined. I would like to also do the 28 day challenge. Any room for me and if so, how much is it? Thank you, Lisa Bauer

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