A Little Taste of Wedding

Steph Wagner MS, RDN

May 2, 2013

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While there are no words to describe my feelings about our wedding, I wanted to put at least a few words on here. This blog has been not only an outlet for my love of recipe making and modifying, it has become a way for me to dialogue the personal experiences this past year has brought.

Last Thursday marked 5 months since our horrific car accident. It feels like yesterday and it feels like years ago. On April 6th- yes, just four and half months after the wreck, we were married as planned.

Such a celebration of God’s goodness, faithfulness and love! I’m not sure that I have the words to express it all, but I feel over upcoming months it will continue to unfold. Here are some moments captured by our photographer Charlie. See her feel blog here.



So many guests at a wedding like to ask the bride how the day has been, even leading up to the ceremony. My feelings- relaxed. When someone is doing your hair, someone else your makeup, and someone else grabbing you a coffee…what else is there to feel!?



He’s just way too handsome for me to handle sometimes. The man behind the dinners I serve. I’m so thankful to cook for him for all our years!



Our first look. This picture and this moment mean more to me than I think I even know. Looking closely you can see the scar left by the chest tube when I was in the ICU. Are we crying in this picture? Do I like to cook meatloaves and use a slow cooker??



A pre-wedding prayer time. Another highly, HIGHLY cherished moment. Because we saw each other before the ceremony we were able to gather our wedding party and family together for a prayer to ask the Lord to be present, to bless us, and to praise him for his mighty mighty works.


LOVE this photo! My dad said walking me down the aisle was harder than walking our long hair dachshund! Apparently I was excited to book it down that aisle. No slowing this bride down!



Our very favorite people in all the world. The Moore’s and the Wagner’s have become far, far closer than anticipated when we first got engaged! Before and behind!



My YoungLife girls and hostesses for the wedding! I love my high school besties!!! Also it needs to be noted- these girls known how to break it down on a dance floor.



A fun shot of a fun wedding party!! This is right before getting announcing and walking into the dinner reception. There was a worm involved.




A classic picture to end with. One that will be framed and placed on our wall for years and years to come. Thank you for following this journey of ours- one that has only just begun. My parents gave a toast on our wedding day that I want to share a small piece of each my mom and my dad’s words.

Dad: “If you get a break, and you get a little lucky, and God smiles on you, you get the kind of teammate that you cherish for the rest of you life.”

Mom: “We had some rough spots along the way during the recovery- I remember Steph telling me she was never afraid, and she knew if she went to be with Jesus it would be wonderful, but she just really wanted to marry Kevin.”

So much beauty in one day. So much love in one place. So much joy in this one heart.

I pray you will know this love that only comes from our Lord and trust that even in the darkest and ugliest of stories, he can make it the beginnings of a beautiful story. We just have to ask.


14 thoughts on “A Little Taste of Wedding”

  1. Steph, just found your blog and am already in love. So impressed and not at all surprised at the same time. :) Your wedding looks beautiful. Congrats girl!!!

  2. Thanks Erica!!! I love seeing your name on here!!! Hope all is well sister :)

  3. What a beautiful bride! Congrats to both of you! And may God richly bless you both!

  4. Steph – your mom’s grade school friend here, again. I should be familiar with blogs but am not….anyway hope this message gets to you and your mom: I’ve loved following your story and you all and always tell skeptics about your mom putting your accident and recovery out on Facebook for prayers (and how it certainly worked). Love the wedding photos; you are truly beautiful and your husband is handsome and has a “preciousness” about him (bet he’ll love that)! My brother-in-law John has same preciousness and its an awesome thing!

  5. Thank you Maureen! For your sweet words and for sharing our story with others! I think he’s pretty precious too :)

  6. Ohhhh Steph….it was a BEAUTIFUL day full of God’s goodness. I had tears on that day & seeing these pics and hearing your recant of the day brings tears of joy. God is so faithful. There’s something different about your smile…when I look at it I see joy & gratitude. You had a wonderful smile before…He just did something to make it even more wonderful. So thankful God brought you & Kevin together…you all are PRECIOUS!!! Ready for a chocotini anytime you wanna have me over! ;-)

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