Avoiding Weekend Weight Gain

Steph Wagner MS, RDN

July 25, 2014

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It’s the harsh but simple truth: weekends are when we blow it. 

Oh sure, this isn’t a hard and fast rule but think about it. When is the most likely time you fall off track? 

We look forward to the weekends. We count down. We make plans. Heck, Everybody’s Working for the Weekeeeeeend!

The things we love BEST about the weekends are, unfortunately, the same reason we fall off track. We don’t have a set schedule which means we don’t have set meal times. And if you’re anything like me, I rarely drink enough water on the weekends. Although thanks to my Plant Nanny App, I’m staying super hydrated every day of the week!

So as we move forward into the weekend. Stop and read the 5 Tips to Avoiding Weekend Weight Gain:

1. Commit.

The best place to start? Commit to yourself that you will make your health a priority this weekend. Making a clear commitment helps you to have a  vision and a focus when the weekend gets going. You may even plan a reward for yourself for a job well done. Go to Target on Sunday night and get a new nail polish :) Whatever fits your fancy.

2. Stay Hydrated.

Seriously. This makes a big BIG difference when tempting food comes around. When you aren’t adequately hydrated, you will eat more. You also won’t feel like doing much and end up being lazy over the weekend instead of getting outside and staying moving. You get more done when you are hydrated. Download an App or use an old school tally system on a sticky note. No doubt this will make a difference.

3. Make a Plan.

Failing to plan is planning to fail. I hate the word “fail” BUT if you have a plan for the weekend, you are much more likely to avoid the junk. If you have no plan, you eat out or you graze on chips or you eat what everyone else is eating. Even though the structure of the weekend is gone, be sure to have a tentative plan on when you will eat and what you will be eating. Pack protein bars or beef jerky if you’re going to be out and about in case you go longer than you thought without eating.

4. Choose Healthy if Eating Out.

We are all more likely to eat out on a weekend. It’s true we are better off making our own meals, but going out is a part of life. It’s awesome having someone else cook and clean up the meal :) The best case scenario is to know where you are going out to eat and look at the menu before you go. If not, make the best choice you can. Sign up for the Food Coach Me and you’ll receive my eating out guide!

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5. Get Active.

Weekends are the perfect time to get in lots of activity. You stay busy which keeps you from snacking, you burn more calories and you relieve a ton of stress. Not to mention it’s great bonding time with family and friends which is the best part of the weekend! Schedule a bike ride, an afternoon at the park or some much needed lawn work. In my opinion, nothing feels better on Sunday evening than being tired from an active weekend! 

So commit now to making this weekend free from the junk. Message a friend or a family member right now telling them you’ve committed to having a healthy weekend and to help you stay on track!

3 thoughts on “Avoiding Weekend Weight Gain”

  1. LOVE THIS! I decided that I can’t sleep in on the weekends. It completely throws me off. 8 AM is the final snooze. If I miss a meal then I get Hangry…. You wouldn’t like me when I get Hangry <— Hulk reference.

  2. I am making sure now weekends or not , no missing meals watching what I eat and still exercise no more excuses at anytime or day.stick to nutritious foods and not to much. and plenty of fluids.

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