Part Two Food Addiction Series: The Hormone that Rules it All

Steph Wagner MS, RDN

July 23, 2014

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[member]Video Transcript:

Welcome to week 2 of Food Addiction, Obesity and Diabetes. I’m Steph Wagner, Bariatric Dietitian on If you missed last weeks, be sure to catch up on part one: the major systems that influence our food intake. for part two this week we are going to talk about the hormone that can take out all other hormones. i got loads of good feedback on this style of video. thank you for your comments and encouragement and by all means, keep it coming. let’s move right in to part two.

Quick Review:
Homeostatic System
Hedonic System
*Take care of yourself to stay in balance (homeostasis)

Hypothalamus = main center in the brain to detect hunger, thirst, fatigue
Hypothalamus = CEO
CEO has to get signals from the “executives”
Executives = Hormones

The #1 Main Hormone that can Over-rule all others….
“the stress hormone”

All you have to do is think about stress and BOOM. It’s off an running.
This hormone affects the brain in many ways.

What does your survival think of?
Food. Need for food. Store food.
Under Cortisol you will eat faster, past hunger, and NOT SHARE
The hedonic (pleasure) system will do anything to make you set out for yourself to survive

Cognition has to be wired by us to power over emotions (next week)
It’s not just about willpower, brain chemicals are at work here!
Stop the personal blame
If you don’t understand how you work, you won’t fix it. We need to know how we work.

Know what triggers stress and anxiety in your life.
Know what methods of relaxation are best for you (hint: not food related)
Going for a walk, taking a bath, reading a book, working on a project…what will “settle you down?”

We all know ourselves well. Use this understanding to set yourself up for success with food
#1: Take Care of Yourself (eat well, sleep often, hydrate)
#2: Know your stressors and know your relaxers

Join me next week when we get more in depth on Cognition or how we can re-wire our brains for a better relationship with food. I’d love for you to visit me at and leave me a comment on what you like about this series or what you’d like to hear more about. I take your feedback very seriously and always hope to provide you with more tools for your toolbox. For more recipes, meal plans and healthy living tips come see me at Sign up for the while you’re there! Click here to subscribe to my mailing list[/member]

4 thoughts on “Part Two Food Addiction Series: The Hormone that Rules it All”

  1. Awesome! Maybe some techniques and ways to figure out the things in our life that cause stress. I am not sure we all can easily identify them.

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