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  1. I just joined your site as I have started to regain. I am 2 years out and the holidays really got to me this year! I am stopping it now from continuing to spiral out of control.

    I enjoyed your blog post about highly rated protein bars/chips, etc. I have a great Amazon card so I will be trying some of the items you noted in the post.

    I am also trying to “figure out” the best way to drink my coffee as I have always liked it loaded with stuff! I especially like the above blog about your mocha latte. I found a recipe somewhere – never can remember where, but probably on Pintrest. It includes much of what you have in the Mocha Latte recipe but it has cardamom in it as well. Basically it is almond or coconut milk, sweetener of choice (I think maple syrup was suggested but I used a blend of stevia, erythrytol and xylitol). The directions were to slowly heat the milk, sweetener and cardamom until steaming. Blend the hot milk blend and add to your coffee. It was really good.

  2. @ennael54 I’m excited to have you as a member and glad to hear you enjoyed the bariatric products post! I love the suggestion on cardamom…have never thought of that!! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I have signed up in hopes of guidance through this new journey and to have success. I am 5 months post op from gastric bypass and need guidance, recipes, and exercise videos to motivate me! So happy I found your site! Wish me luck everyone!

  4. @bobbiemod Good luck for sure! I’m excited to have connect and hope to be continued help on this exciting journey!

  5. These all look so could , can we substitute the almond milk with coconut milk of fat free milk ?

  6. @Christine Gersen I personally would not as it will increase the nutrition profile with coconut milk or fat free milk. Fat free milk has no fat but higher carbs and coconut is a saturated fat source so higher fat. You certainly can but something to be aware of, not have it often and watch your macros in your food journal.

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