Five Low Calorie Starbucks Orders

Steph Wagner

August 20, 2013


Every Friday Mr W and I start the morning at Starbucks. I can’t tell you when it started, but far before we were married we would meet there before work. Thing is, I don’t have to tell you it can be tricky to know what to order that’s both tasty and low in sugar.

Also, the names on a coffee shop menu can be confusing. Did you know a Caffe Misto is just brewed coffee with steamed milk? Sounds so much cooler.

I change my order every so often. I get stuck on the same one for months, and yearn for something exciting and different. These are the five orders I typically rotate between:

# 1 Americano with Steamed Soy Milk

Why not a latte? Americano’s are espresso + water. A latte is espresso + milk. If you are trying to be mindful of your carbohydrate intake, you want to go for the Amerciano to eliminate the carbs from the milk. A little bit of steamed soy milk gives it a new flavor but much less milk.

#2 Orange Spiced Iced Coffee

I know it sounds crazy. But it’s pretty fun. You want to be sure to order this unsweetened. It’s iced coffee with cinnamon and orange served over ice. You can sweeten it with Splenda on your own.

#3 Americano with Steamed NonFat Milk and Sugar-Free Cinnamon Dolce Syrup

Yeah that’s a mouthful! Most good orders are, right? I imagine this is just a seasonal beverage, as with most of the holiday flavored drinks. This same drink could be ordered with any sugar-free syrup (caramel perhaps?)

#4 Americano with Sugar-Free Chocolate Syrup

This is my current drink of choice. It was my order in college and I forgot about it until recently. I don’t put any creamer, splenda or anything else in it. It has a hint of sweet chocolate flavor with plenty of my coffee love! I imagine you are getting the idea that Americanos are a great way to start and play with flavors from there.

#5 Iced Starbucks Double Shot with Soy Milk & Sugar Free Vanilla

This is my “Special Occasion” drink order. It’s really a glorified ice coffee. The soy milk provides the most amount of calories and carbohydrates, which makes it occasional, but between the ice and the espresso it’s not a terrible order. This could also be ordered with skim milk. Or Iced Coffee with Skim Milk and Sugar-Free Vanilla, it’s a very close runner up for me : )

Also, never underestimate a great hot or iced tea order! My personal favorite is the Passion Iced Tea (unsweetened). You can add sweetener. It does not contain caffeine which is great if you are wanting something decaf, but remember that in case you are wanting a pick me up.

I hope this helps narrow the menu down to some great options! Comment below with your favorite drink orders!

10 thoughts on “Five Low Calorie Starbucks Orders”

  1. Thanks for posting that…gives me some options now…I don’t go there frequently but I never know what to get & I know it’ll usually be packed with calories…not any more!

  2. Steph….I read somewhere recently (was it from you perhaps?) that you can also ask for protein in any of your Starbucks drinks. I haven’t been since I read haven’t tried it myself…but I’m looking forward to giving it a shot…..with one of your great ideas listed above!!!

  3. Steph – I go to Starbucks every morning. It is the one thing I have had a hard time cutting back on. I’m a latte addict. Which of your options would you recommend as a good latte sub?

  4. I think you should try #3 with a sugar-free flavoring of choice! Vanilla, caramel, hazelnut usually come in sugar-free. It won’t be exactly the same but it will be close! Usually Americanos are a bit cheaper and you can add splenda or cinnamon at the little coffee bar area too. Sometimes it’s about guessing and checking! Let us know how it goes!

  5. Yes I believe you can, but I haven’t done it myself because my drinks are hot. I’m not sure how the protein powders they use work in the hot drinks? It might be something you need blended. Let us know if you create something!

  6. As far as the soy milk used at Starbucks, the nonfat is actually a little better! I like the flavor of the soy and use only a little if any. If you like nonfat just the same, it’s the better nutritional choice!

  7. Any troubles with the soy milk? I think it gives a great flavor all on it’s own without the syrup! You can also ask for one pump of regular sugar still get some sugar but waaaaay less than what they normally give. It’s a subtle taste but still yummy. (I get one pump of pumpkin spice in my coffee in the fall)

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